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Our Supernova phase: old stars are dying, new stars will birth a new world

A Supernova discovered by a team of astronomers in India.

When a star completes its life cycle it explodes creating a Supernova.

From the gas and dust, nebulae are nurseries that will birth new stars.

Note before reading: There are a lot of topics in this week's post, some of which may or may not be new to you. I recommend having a pad and pen next to you while reading, so wherever you think What is that all about? or I need more info on this!, jot down the topic so that you can do your own research later. If there are some topics where you don't know where to start looking, please post for help in the comments section below, and either I or a fellow reader can point you in the right direction with recommended search words etc. Thanks for keeping an open mind, we are all just trying to get to the truth! P.S It's quite long, so get yourself a tea or coffee, and enjoy! x

More than a few people have mentioned over the past week “I feel like I’m in a funk.” Others are feeling exhilarated by the rapid changes occurring. With so much energy currently circulating around us (and within us), and so many *significant to the awakening* global events happening, why are some people feeling flat, while others are feeling full of adrenalin (and others still are feeling frustrated, agitated, angry, pick an emotion!)?

How we experience energy is obviously a very personal thing, but what can help is knowing what that energy is in the first place. So let’s take a look at what is going on at the moment – starting with what’s been accelerating over the past few years:

The great awakening “energy” that we used to feel as incoming waves are here now, on the planet, swirling all around us and through us. You know all those Hollywood apocalyptic blockbusters where they show the big tsunami washing through cities, and earthquakes cracking everything open? Well here we are, only it’s a tonne of energetic tsunamis washing through everything and an energetic cracking open and breaking apart of things, absolutely transforming life as we know it in the physical.

The so called higher vibrational energy that we’ve waited so long for is having real life, globally visible to the masses, consequences. Everywhere we turn, we can see the old structures being dismantled, the old systems collapsing, and the Control Matrix we’ve been living within being revealed before our very eyes. Look at global events from the perspective of those Hollywood blockbusters…

- The protestors in Hong Kong knocking down facial recognition towers

- Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne telling us about “the men in black” and their encouragement of political espionage and blackmail

- Google Whistleblower Zach Vorhies outing search term blacklists and manipulation of results

- The global web of human trafficking, including child trafficking, involving internationally recognised royalty, celebrities, Hollywood, politicians and business tycoons….and these are just a small sample of headlines from the past week!

The global “tsunami” is here, the global “earthquakes” are here…..releasing and revealing everything that was built on a now-expired foundation - and yes creating an apocalypse.

It all makes sense when you find out that the word apocalypse is from the Latin and ancient Greek word apocalypsis meaning:

to uncover, disclose, reveal.

Hollywood made everyone associate that word with the end of the world, and, for the old power elite, it is the end of their world. And it is the end of that old world for us, but for us (meaning the majority of humanity) that’s a good thing.

It feels like this ‘Shift’, this mass awakening, this disclosure to the masses, has crept up on the old power circles and taken them by surprise. Not that they didn’t know it was coming, they did. Only they thought they could control it and contain it because that’s what they’ve always done. If you’ve always been untouchable and unstoppable, and have believed yourself to be under the protection of a great power, why would you think that would change?

But there is a greater power. That of our humanity and our souls, and the true Source from which we all come. They have gone to SO much effort to keep our power from us, to repress it, suppress it, medicate and mind/media control it. AND STILL WE WOKE UP!!!

The surprise factor feels like that scene in the original Gremlins movie (at least my memory of the scene!) when the radar is showing that the Gremlins are coming closer and closer….and the Family are asking “Well where are they? We should be able to see them by now if they’re only centimetres away?!” Then it dawns on them, the Gremlins are directly underneath them, under the floor. This is the kind of feeling I get with how our mass awakening snuck up on the power circles. Something hasn’t happened in the way they expected it to…we came from around this way instead of that way. And Gremlins is an apt description when it comes to the way they see us.

It also feels as if some of the ‘human awakening’ waves came in through a sneaky secret portal……through the core of the Earth, and up and onto the surface. A couple of years ago when I was writing meditations for She Fire, I felt constantly guided to get people to go into their bodies, into their core, or wombspace, (depending on gender), from there into the Earth, into Her core, and from there through that out into the cosmos, out to the Galactic Centre which the Mayans call Hunab Ku – the Cosmic Womb. Some call this place Home, or yet another portal on the way to Home. It feels like it is through this galactic highway/energy portal (sorry to be using so many woo-woo terms but this is how it looks to me), that our Source energy can make its way to us without interference or detection. It feels like this is how it was able to bypass the Control Matrix grid structure that has been around the planet for, it would seem 5000 years.

And isn’t it fascinating that in most religious and spiritual traditions we are taught to go up not down. Religions teach that “Hell” is below us, and Heaven is above us. Spirituality usually focuses on ‘out there’, while bypassing or transcending the body. Both pathways have taken our focus off of the goodness and power of our human body and planet Earth (and the potential pathways they give us when it comes to awakening to our WHOLE self and truth). This isn’t to deny the truth of Spirit or Heaven or whatever words you want to use – rather, pay attention to what it is we have been asked to not look at, what have we been taught that doesn’t ring true?