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Home: your place to rest and recharge

It was so good to sit down with Cristiana Fernandes, owner of Spaces + Senses for our first She Fire guest interview! It's been 10 years since my last radio show and I forgot how much I love getting other people's knowledge and wisdom out into the world! There are so many pearls of insights in this chat. Cris is passionate about helping people create homes that are spaces of nurturing, connection with those you love, and functionality. She has ways of looking at a home that most people don't consider.

"Every home deserves to be looked after because homes are the places where we look after ourselves" 💛 - Cris Fernandes, Spaces and Senses

Cris talks about how it's often suggested for people to get out in nature when needing to recharge. 🍃 She says that, ideally, our home is our primary place of recharging (which makes sense!), and how important it is to make it a place where you can truly relax and unwind. Originally our homes were PART of nature, but now it's not always physically possible to spend hours in nature every day or even every week (especially for those people who might live in an apartment, and work in a city)! 🌈 Cris has re-created the peaceful serene feeling of nature in her home with lots of natural materials, wood, and of course lots and lots of plants! 🌿🌿

For those of you with young children, as a mother of three boys she has some fantastic ideas around storing toys and keeping memory boxes for all those special creations! 👫👭

We talk about creating easy organising systems, addressing underlying issues that cause chronic clutter, functionality vs "does it spark joy" and practical strategies to help you keep on top of things day to day 🙌🏼

The interview is part of our Bonus Guest Interview Series

in our She Fire Member Circle 💃🏾🔥 🌺

For Members: The hour long video chat is up right now


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