The Light is your Centre

The light is here, revealing everything that has been hidden, whether within our psyche, our generational family patterns, politics, the media, corporations, our true history and our true potential.

When you immerse yourself in the light, (light being high vibration consciousness and awareness), it feels good...but it also constantly reveals these truths that have been hidden. So it can feel a bit like a roller coaster as you go from feeling good to seeing truth to feeling overwhelmed/frustrated/sad/pick an emotion.

This year is teaching us to find our personal centre point of gravity from which we can:

a) be in the light

b) witness truth


c) feel our feelings

......without swinging all over the place.

From that centre point you can connect with a place of true calm and clarity. That place will then guide you in each moment: What is my best action step now? What is my truth? What is the best decision in this moment?

This is where your greatest power lies: in what YOU choose to do in each moment given the choices available to you in that moment.

From your centre point you choose your responses - thus taking response-ability for your part in our collective jigsaw puzzle Don’t underestimate the power of this response-ability. Your actions, your energetic frequency, what you engage in, what you intentionally decline, every single ripple emanating from you contributes to our collective picture.

Master your self, and from that place steer your ship.

(c) Dana Mrkich 2020


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