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May Message: Turning the Stones

We headed into May with all cylinders firing astrologically speaking so this month’s message is more focused than usual on the Astro side of things! We’re not beholden to the movements of the planets. However they do influence events and experiences, so having some awareness of what’s going on can be one of many tools we can use to help us navigate our way through.

How this month’s general movements play out in your personal life will depend on what you are needing most from the buffet titled ‘Current Soul Needs’. We’re living in times where all things are being brought up for excavation, examination, expansion and release. Whatever you need most of, will increasingly (as the months and years ahead unfold) be what you are urged to do on any given day be it rest more, take action on certain tasks, follow a creative or intuitive impulse, reach out to connect with a friend, engage in self-care, eat a particular type of food, do exercise that calls you, complete loose ends, resolve and dissolve heavy emotions or emotional patterns, put up some boundaries, close one door and open another, or whatever the case.

This month, whatever you need most will be highlighted more than usual.

We somehow have to find ways to meet our soul needs, while also attending to what we have to do eg work and family commitments and responsibilities. Once upon a time, if we denied our needs, those needs would cause an implosion or explosion sooner or later. Once upon a time, that implosion or explosion might of taken years before being fully recognised. These days we know very quickly – whether immediately, or within minutes, hours or a few short days – when we’ve made our soul needs take a back seat for too long. The implosion or explosion doesn’t take as long to show up.

For too long meeting our soul needs has been incompatible with the demands of modern life. This is one reason why, amid all the palava, the last couple of years has had its silver lining: it drew our attention to our true soul needs. Life slowed down enough, and turned upside down enough, for us to take time to think about what’s really important, what our priorities are, how we truly want to live and what we are no longer willing to tolerate. In decades to come we’ll look back on these current years as a threshold, moving from what was, to what will be. This threshold time is a choice point, personally and collectively, when it comes to what we want our ‘will be’ to look like.

Our souls are moving toward balance and wholeness,

leaving no stone left unturned in the process.

The stones represent things that have been hidden, things we have forgotten,

truth that has been repressed, potential that has been diminished or lying dormant,

needs that have been denied. Personally and Collectively.

We’re on this journey together as a collective, for a collective purpose. At the same time it’s also a very personal journey. Your process is different to that of your friend, family member or neighbour. You might find yourself more and more letting go of the ‘group mind’, be that mainstream or alternative, preferring to sit in stillness with your own inner source and sacred space. This deep connection to self is different to being ego-centred, unaware of your connection with the collective. Rather, it is soul-centred, very aware of your connection with the collective and the great All, yet knowing that the only way to shift/transform/heal the All, is to shift/transform/heal the self.

We’re all deep in this process now as we collectively move from one Age to another. Some months might feel quieter while others will feel like an acceleration of events, emotions and energies. May falls into the latter category.

Pluto went Retrograde on 29 April, there was a Solar Eclipse on 30 April/1 May, there have been strong Solar Flares galore, a Lunar Eclipse on 15/16 May, and Mercury in various forms of retrograde all month long.

By the end of the month there will be fewer stones left unturned as our personal and collective introspection – increasing in numbers - can’t help but cast its long-lost light, and newly found shadow, onto everything and everyone around us.

There is no external agenda that can override the inner strength and power of millions upon millions of awake, aware souls. The key however is, we must be fullyawake, and truly aware. Otherwise, ulterior agendas can creep in via our blind spots. This month helps our journey of discovery along, urging us to turn the stones, look deeper, go higher, and remember who has the real strength and power in this ongoing movie. Hint: it’s us.

The Eclipses

Nothing says path acceleration like an Eclipse, especially if an Eclipse degree is triggering a planet or significant point in your natal chart, and this month we have two. First, the Solar Eclipse at 10 degrees Taurus on 30 April/1 May, followed by the Lunar Eclipse at 25 degrees Scorpio on 15/16 May.

Eclipses can mark life-changing new beginnings or endings. Events that happen around an Eclipse can have a fated, destined feel about them. These events can include major inner shifts or realisations that go on to influence your identity, decisions and future actions. They can be external and unexpected, exciting or devastating. An Eclipse event can be like a wave that picks you up in one place, and sets you down in entirely another location. You may like this new location, or not. You may have planned to end up here, or not. Either way, it is where your Soul needs or wants you to be. An Eclipse will speed up what is ready to occur, and often end what has come to its expiry date.

Taurus-Scorpio are fixed signs who have very little time for shades of grey or flip-flopping through life. You will never have to guess how someone with a strong Taurus or Scorpio feels, or what it is they want. Note it says “someone with a strong Taurus or Scorpio” not just ‘a Taurus or Scorpio’. We are so much more than just our Sun sign. You need to know a person’s whole natal chart, or your own, to get the full picture of what makes them/you tick. Where is the Ascendant? Is anything on the MC? Where is the North Node? Are there planets clustered together or on significant points? etc.

The strong Taurus or Scorpio type goes deep, or they don’t go at all. Sex, death, birth, rebirth, no topic is taboo. They feel that pleasure, love, good food, beauty and the joy of living life with all your senses open to full capacity is why we are here – or are at the very least to be enjoyed and appreciated. While some of us can spend too much time worrying about the past or future, get locked in our minds or over-identify with the non-physical world, Taurus-Scorpio is busy experiencing life as deeply, fully, richly, emotionally and sensually as they can.

They are perhaps the original masters of mindfulness, recognising the importance of appreciating every moment to the fullest, fully living and immersing in the present, and diving as deeply as possible into the sensory worlds: sights, sounds, touch, taste, smell – and for the Scorpio type especially the sixth sense: keen insight.

Taurus-Scorpio themes may come up strongly for you this month.

· When you read about the Taurus-Scorpio influence does anything jump out at you?

· Do you need to connect with these qualities more in your life?

· Regardless of where your planets are in your natal chart, you will have Taurus-Scorpio somewhere. Which houses are these two signs in for you?

· Look to the meaning of those houses for clues about what soul needs the month of May might be reminding you to meet. What, or who, have you been neglecting?

Pluto Retrograde

Pluto will be Retrograde from 29 April, (on 28 degrees Capricorn), to 8 Oct (on 26 degrees Capricorn). Pluto governs our relationship with power, control, the hidden, the mysterious, and the deep, dark depths that you might feel scared or hesitant to explore. Pluto is intense. When he goes over a significant point or planet in your chart you’ll know about it – you experience profound transformation, a crashing of the old to make way for the new. Pluto is death and rebirth, transformation and renewal.

When Pluto goes retrograde, it’s an opportunity to check in with yourself:

· Are you getting the message you need to get about what you need to change/transform/see/acknowledge?

· Have you dealt with whatever power/control issues have been coming up recently?

· Have you faced what you need to face?

Pluto goes retrograde every year so this isn’t a rare occurrence. What you want to pay attention to is: where is 26-28 Capricorn in your natal chart? That’s what this Pluto Retrograde will be poking at.

Mercury Retrograde

Definitely not a rare occurrence Mercury Retrograde happens a few times a year. It’s always a good idea to know when it’s happening to explain the otherwise inexplicable communication and tech issues that occur around this time.

Mercury entered its pre-retrograde shadow period on 26 April (at 26 Taurus). It officially goes Retrograde on May 10 at almost 5 degrees Gemini. Mercury goes direct on 3 June (at 26 degrees Taurus), and then finally goes out of the post-retro shadow on 18 June (at almost 5 degrees of Gemini).

Look to the area of your chart between 26 Taurus and 5 Gemini. Do you have any significant points or planets there? If so, Mercury might trigger communication related to that life area: There might be more texts/emails/calls connected to a situation, or you might receive important, life-changing news. Always check and double-check communications during a Mercury Retro. Emails and documents go missing. Messages get mis-interpreted. Internet banking mix-ups occur. Check, double-check and follow up anything that seems askew.

On the positive side it’s an excellent time to review, re-draft , re-do or revisit anything that you put down and need to pick back up. It can be a time of reconnections where you bump into or hear from people you haven’t seen in a long time.

Note: If something significant happens or is left at a loose end on 26 April, look to 3 June for a part B (Mercury is on 26 Taurus both days – could be a day either side of these dates depending on your time zone). Likewise, if something significant happens or is delayed around May 10, look to around June 18 for some movement or closure – Mercury will be on almost 5 degrees Gemini on both those dates.

Solar Flares

The Sun is roaring to life with strong Solar Flares, with around 5 X Class Solar Flares and 30 M Class Solar Flares over the past month or so: Top 50 Solar Flares of 2022.

Flares are ranked A, B, C, M and X with X being the most powerful. Each letter has a scale from 1-9, (eg M1 flare, X2 flare) and each letter is 10 times more powerful than the previous letter. M and X class flares are more common in Solar Maximum cycles, which we are gearing up to now with the expected peak around 2024-2026.

Solar Flares are amplifiers and activators, not only affecting our physical/mental/emotional/spiritual states, but Solar Maximum cycles have also been connected with periods of social change. They also affect electronics and radio signals so we often hear about a lot of internet banking or social media outages on the day or so after a strong flare, or the electrics in your car might go a bit haywire.

Some previous posts about Solar Flares:

As you can see May has a lot happening. While every month these days has a lot happening, when we have Eclipses and Solar Flares on top of it all it’s good to be more aware than usual regarding taking care of your self, and taking care with how you express your emotions. It can be easy to feel triggered, and we don’t want that exploding outward onto our loved ones, nor do we want it imploding. While we can’t control the energetic (and electro-magnetic) storms around us, we can be like the captain of a ship who makes it his or her business to know that the storm is there. Make it a priority to do whatever works for you, that helps you to stay steady in your centre.

How are you feeling?

(c) Dana Mrkich 2022


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