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X Class Solar Flare

Whenever I feel like I’ve got my body hooked up to an electrical circuit, frazzled or irritable for no reason, computer and tech going haywire, I check in to see if the sun has just had a massive Solar Flare. 🌞🌞 Sure enough we’ve just had not one but two X class flares over the last couple of days. The side-effects are in progress and can include:

🌞 Unexplained irritability, grumpiness, anxiety, feeling not quite yourself

🌞 Feeling energised, Adrenalin pumping, heart racing

🌞 Vivid dreams and spiritual insights (take some time to journal to make the most of this if this is happening to you)

🌞 Foggy head or racing thoughts (I completely blanked and missed a meeting this morning which I’ve never done in my life, ever!)

🌞 Tech, computers, apps, electrical items etc acting erratically

🌞 How are you all feeling?

(c) Dana Mrkich 2022


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