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U.S: Pluto Return Massive Changes

I don't know who the artist is of this glorious Phoenix: if you know please let me know.

Hi US peeps and others interested in the massive changes occurring there:

the current govt shutdown prompted me to get out my copy of the Truth Power Freedom energy report I wrote last year which goes into detail about the US's massive Pluto Return occurring now and right through to 2024 with ongoing related effects until 2037.

Pluto in Capricorn is dismantling old patriarchal power structures, ultimately resulting in deep healing of our foundations and psyche (personal, social, national and global). * Take a look at where you have 20-22 degrees Capricorn in your natal chart to see how it's specifically playing out for you this year. *

On a global, collective level it's playing out very visibly for the US because Pluto is heading into the exact same part of the sky he was in leading up to the American Revolution and Declaration of Independence. The years 2019-2024 are VERY significant. In the report I listed all the critical events of that revolutionary time, and noted which year ahead Pluto will be on those same degrees. This can help you understand what's going on and why.

Any event that happens in connection with a Pluto Transit is about Power: getting rid of old dominating/controlling (and usually hidden/secretive/covert) power structures or dynamics that no longer serve, so that a more authentic power can emerge. Pluto processes are not for the faint of heart. They are represented by the Tower card in the Tarot often resulting in destruction, demolition and dissolution, before the new can be born.

During a Pluto Transit people often feel like there is no way they can survive it. Others feel liberated because out from the ashes rises the phoenix representing true, authentic power (born from true freedom).

If you are fascinated by what's going on, or want help understanding it, you can still get that report here (only $1.99).

** I won't be writing an annual report this year, but I will be returning to more regular energy reports, both written and video <3 I'm looking forward to that! x

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