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This energy report is even more mammoth than last year's coming in at 45 pages! It includes lots of footnotes with links to relevant articles, books, video clips and documentaries so that you can dive even deeper into your favourite topics. As always there are prompts here and there, nudging  you to check in with how you're feeling, and asking how you most want to show up in the world!


  • 2017 Recap: Spiralling into Authenticity  

  • Suggested Emotional Support  

  • 2018: We’re not in Kansas anymore  

  • Suggested Supportive Affirmations  

  • Changing your worldview: Crisis and Liberation 

  • Global Numerology: An 11 Year  

  • Numerology Self-Insight Process  

  • Commitment to Self and Planet  

  • Jupiter in Scorpio: Revealing the Underbelly of the Glittery Surface  

  • Saturn in Capricorn: Taking Responsibility and Holding Authority to Account   

  • Pluto in Capricorn: The US’s Pluto Return, Dismantling of the Patriarchy, and Deep Healing of our Foundation & Structures  

  • Chinese New Year: Year of the Dog  

  • The Multiple Aspects of Awakening  

  • She Rising: Remembering our Herstory  

  • A More Grounded, Embodied Spirituality  

  • Dates for your Diary: Launch of She Fire Monthly + She Fire Sessions 

  WAS $7.99

Now only $1.99 Aussie dollars

which is around $1.40 USD.

It will go straight to your inbox as a PDF



This energy report took on a life of its own, turning into a whopping 39 page PDF! There are lots of different sections including soul tips, tools and exercises to do to get your year - and each day - started on the right foot!


  • The Rapidly Changing Energy

  • 2016 The Year of 'Well that was unexpected!"

  • The Jupiter/Uranus opposition: Shocks, heart-openings, harmony & unity

  • Renovation Central

  • Personal & Collective Numerology: The global year 1

  • Year of the Red Fire Rooster: Waking us up to a new dawn

  • The Political Game, the Elite Ring and our Awakening

  • The Bridgeworkers

  • Fly High, Fly Under (Over) the Radar

   Only $1.99 - It will go straight to your inbox as a PDF

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