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Self-care amid the chaos

The energy of the world is very chaotic right now. It reminds me of the floor of a stock exchange with everyone shouting at once, and not really hearing each other. Almost every unowned aspect of almost every person is flaring up, coming up for attention and expression - and a lot of it is being projected onto others rather than being processed in a healthy way.

If you are energetically sensitive, and most of you reading this would fall into that category, you may be feeling very emotionally flat. Our body's response to energetic overwhelm is to retreat, to shut down, to numb out. On the opposite extreme, some of you may be feeling extremely energised as you see that as chaotic as things are, there is a tremendous amount of transformational activity going on.

Check in with yourself to make sure you aren't overworking the adrenals, as it can be quite addictive (yet also exhausting) to keep waiting for or chasing the next big 'thing' to happen. One of the simplest most effective things you can do is take even a couple of minutes to close your eyes, and take deep breaths in and out.

Over in the She Fire Member Area, we've been gently balancing this energy within ourselves with our May topic: "From Survival Mode to Self Care".

If you feel to dive in you can immerse in:

- From Survival Mode to Self Care Reading, Prompts and Processes - Self Care Movement Practice - Breathing Rest and Restore Meditation - Monthly Meeting/Webinar Recording - Private Forum

Our June topic The Motherline is also up now.

Hope you are all well

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