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Crazy wacky day!

Remember the days when I used to write a monthly energy report and somehow used to capture the feel of the month ahead in a few pages? Such innocent times 😂😬 Who had a crazy day yesterday? From start to finish, there was a family medical concern (all ok), others in a car accident (all ok), old emotional buttons pushed (in me), emotional craziness (happened to others), people preparing to leave the planet, babies in labour and being born, misplaced my keys 3 times in my bag, (I'd look and look, not there. Then 3rd time looking they were there. Headed outside and went back in my bag to get the keys to lock the house, same thing happened again!!). Rightio! To me it feels like the air has extra electricity in it. Sometimes this manifests as extra excitement and energy. Yesterday, as one of my sisters said, it was like the naughty fairies came out to play. We just have to remember to take deep breaths and take everything one thing at a time. This is all a very real part of a very real energetic shift. How was your day? How are you feeling? 💗

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