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Great Mother Womb New Moon

Today's New Moon is on 26 Sagittarius, the degree of the Galactic Centre. The Galactic Centre represents the Womb of the Great Mother: "In Mayan lore the galactic center was known as Hunab Ku (Mother Womb)" - Womb Awakening, Initiatory Wisdom from the Creatrix of All Life by Azra Bertrand & Seren Bertrand. We have forgotten our ancient roots. We have forgotten our true history/herstory. Once upon a time, people honoured the Great Mother from which all Life began. Thus, they honoured women, and feminine values of community, unity, peace, harmony, creation, birth, healing, women's wisdom, nourishment and simple yet essential handwork, craft and art. These peaceful, matri-focal communities were gradually destroyed, along with much of the evidence that they ever existed. Indigenous, native peoples still remember most of the truth, however the majority of our collective memory has been adjusted to suit a certain narrative. This narrative has taken us from our truth, and our authentic power. The destruction and distortion of herstory has affected not only the mainstream but also modern spiritual paths. The Great SHE is given a slight nod when we mention the Divine Feminine but more often than not her actual energy and qualities have been completely diluted in favour of a more neutral "The Universe". I used to work for "The Universe", yet I had to step back a few years ago when I realised all was not as it seemed. In letting go of the familiar I found myself in the void, in the unknown. That void led to feeling the energy of what can only be described as our ancient Ancestress, to She who is known as She. This energy is now re-awakening in millions of women and men. The sexual revelations we are witnessing, the personal shake-ups, the global upheavals are part of Her energy transforming us from inside out. (Some of it is the noise of the Elite scrambling to retain power at any cost, but only in response to what they know is coming). She is here, ready or not, like it or not. So, the synchronicity of the timing of a New Moon on this degree is incredible. This New Moon cycle takes us into 2018, setting the theme for our year and years ahead: Mass personal and global transformation, directly connected to re-claiming our memory and truth, in relation to our ancient Mother, our ancestral Motherlines, and Feminine Energy. With the return of our authentic sacred Feminine, also comes the return of our authentic sacred Masculine. Aho 💫🌟💫🌟 How are you feeling? Have you felt the presence of She awakening in you/on the planet? 🌺 P.s I've been quiet on here because I've been busy busy completing our first 13 week She Fire Circle (which was brilliant!!) as well as completing my first semester of my Masters degree (women's spirituality and social justice). I didn't have a spare second to do anything else! It's great to re-connect with you all! 🌺🌺🌺

#She #LifeSoul #Humanityrising #DivineFeminine #FeminineFire

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