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Under the influence: mind-control

One question that people have regarding false flag operations is, at the end of the day, isn't the person driving the car or van/holding the weapon/pressing the button responsible for his own actions? We have to consider the possibility that specifically targeted individuals (who already have anger brewing, have mental health issues, a traumatic childhood etc), are used, and are under the influence of sophisticated mind control which is used for certain covert operations. If this is new info to you keep reading before you dismiss this as crazy talk.

In these cases, a separate compartment is created in the brain, without the subject's conscious awareness, usually after trauma and torture. This compartment can be activated without the subject's awareness, and they can be programmed to conduct certain activities in the same way one might program a robot. It sounds outlandish, but if you watch The Manchurian Candidate it gives a good overview of how it works. It's a Hollywood movie but is based on real, used, tools.

If you still think this is crazy the end of WWII, groups of Nazi scientists, doctors, chemists and other 'behaviour-modification' experts were brought to the US from Germany to help with 'national security'. This was called Operation Paperclip. You can check out Annie Jacobsen's book by the same name where she provides a thorough, well-documented overview based on her interviews and released files. This evolved into MK Ultra, where experiments under the guise of 'research' were conducted on people, including children, to determine how one might be able to 'behaviourly engineer' a human, who could then go on to act as a spy, an assassin, a super solider, to carry secrets without being privy to them, and all manner of things that that person usually would never do from their regular, conscious state of mind.

Remember, candidates have no awareness in their day to day life that they have a mind-control-ready compartment in their brain, nor do they have conscious recollection of operations other than the recollections they have been programmed to remember. (again, The Manchurian Candidate is a good one to watch for an easy introduction). Some do start to spontaneously recall memory. They are simultaneously the lucky and unlucky ones. Lucky in that they can begin the first steps to freedom and recovery, and we have to be grateful to those that feel strong enough to then help get the word out. Unlucky in that their memories can drive them to re-experience extreme trauma all over again, and without adequate healing/therapy result in self-medication or worse.

The official story is that MK Ultra was officially shut down in 1973. The true story, according to hundreds if not thousands of people who have continued to be involved in one way or another, is that these operations and programs were not shut down, they simply went 'black', and continued to develop in sophistication and influence over the masses in every way conceivable. They are operations that do not officially exist, programs that are not officially funded by the government. And then you get led down the rabbit hole of drug and human trafficking which is another post altogether. This mind control topic is more than enough trauma to post here about for one day.

It is traumatic to know about all of this, but not to know is to continue to live in an illusion that is being created for us for the purpose of control and power. Sorry, but fuck that!!! WE have the power to create our reality, and we didn't come here to be led like puppets on a string. It may be disturbing to learn the degree to which information has been kept from us, the degree to which a false reality has been constructed for us, the amount of technology that has been suppressed that could be helping us, but we have to get through this rough patch of discovering the truth, so that we can collectively come out the other side and take the reins back.

Actually, know that you have the power to take the reins back right now. You can choose what to believe or not, what to think or not, how to treat other people, whether to be racist or not, in fear or not. You can choose what to eat, what products to use and consume and buy. We have SO much power, and the exciting thing about the awakening process is seeing so many people live their life in a way that is so much more in harmony with them, with their families, with their communities, and with the Earth. That's freedom. That's using your power in a good way. One by one, together, that's how we'll get through this and slowly but surely create a very new kind of reality for this world.

Humanity deserves to be free. We might not be perfect. But we have a right to live free of overt and covert control.

Suggested prayer: Thank you that we are now all free, and remember who we really are. Aho.

(c) Dana Mrkich 2017

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