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2017: A revolving door of WTF?!

Who else feels that 2017 so far has been a revolving door of WTF!? What's up is down, left is right, with life having more twists and turns than a midnight soap opera. And that's just describing an hour yesterday. And that kind of hour is happening on a recurring basis for so many people over the past few months.

Big life stuff happens, sure. But it's unusual for multiple big things to be happening all at once to everyone you know. Massive relationship changes. Huge house moves. Health crises. Family turbulence. Family healing. Personal makeovers. It's like watching a movie on fast forward, only you're in the movie, and trying to keep up with the changing scenes.

There's a lot of 'opposite' energy about....Quiet people being vocal. Loud people being quiet. Indoor people suddenly social, social people keeping a low profile. People you don't usually see or speak to are suddenly in your life due to one situation or another. People you do usually see and speak to are nowhere to be found. #2017 is like a runaway train saying catch me if you can!

Amid all the movement, the overall feeling about what's going on is it's a positive process; bringing things into balance, shining light on whatever has been in our shadow, awakening and activating anything that has been sleeping, highlighting truth where clarity has been murky. Too many eggs here, not enough flour there? No prob. Tip the bowl a bit this way, and then turn it that way. Boom, balance. Yep it'll make us dizzy at times but here's where all we've learned so far comes into its own.

Staying centred, listening to your body, trusting the Divine unfolding of what's occurring. We've spent years in boot camp preparing for these times and now here we are: transformation on a mass scale is in process.

You may wonder why so much is happening after having done so much inner work and clearing already. In a lot of cases you are being moved to your next chapter of everything you have been calling in. Even though a lot of the changes are super positive, it still requires that we stretch out of our comfort zones, shedding old skins or old ideas about who we are/were. In other cases you will be feeling the splash of upheavals occurring around you and are often playing a support role in one way or another, or even just being aware of those upheavals can make you feel like a lot is going on even if it isn't happening directly to you. There are also a lot of course corrections occurring....we are being moved around like pieces on a chess board making sure we are where we are supposed to be, with whomever we are supposed to be around on any given day.

I highly recommend having something that connects You with You on a daily basis. After a couple of months of my routine going completely out the window I'm back to my morning yoga (thanks Yoga With Adriene). It helps me to start my day feeling clear, grounded and energised, and doing something that connects me with me before entering the world.

How are you all feeling?

(c) Dana Mrkich 2017

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