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Letting go: surrender vs giving up

Happy May Day! It feels like a good month to turn a corner if your year, like mine, has been relentless with constant change and life happenings!

I sat down with the lovely Peggy Lee Colonques, a fellow Aussie, for her free online event Happiness Now Project. The theme of the event is "How to bounce back from disappointment and discover your life's purpose." When Peggy asked me had I ever experienced disappointment I thought where do I start!

I think anyone with any sort of dreams, goals or expectations, big or small, experiences disappointment. The thing I most loved about this chat was that it wasn't about portraying a shiny image of a perfect life because that doesn't exist for anyone. It was about how to get through life despite the fact it isn't perfect. I could have chosen a lot of examples, but in our chat I mainly spoke about our 4 year fertility journey trying to have our second baby, how I got through what was essentially one disappointment after another, and the point I had to come to within myself to finally surrender and let it go.

You can find the chat at the Happiness Now Project. After some time, you will also be able to access the interview here on my site.

(c) Dana Mrkich 2017

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