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Leo Lunar Eclipse

We have a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo (22 degrees) tonight/tomorrow morning. The effects can start building from a week or more beforehand, with the energy lingering for a few days after. If it impacts a major point in your natal chart an Eclipse can change the course of your life.

Lunar Eclipses tend to trigger any emotions you need to feel, bringing up unexpected tears, outbursts or old wounds. They bring things to a head where an issue has been going round in circles for way too long. They provide closure and full circle moments. They help you to release and let go of anything that no longer serves you be that outdated beliefs, fears, patterns, jobs or relationships. They can be cathartic, a cleansing healing moment that was due.

The Leo Energy tells us HOW the energy influence might be expressed (King or Queen of the jungle taking centre stage, owning your power and divinity for good, or using it in an egocentric way, themes of warmth, loyalty, protectiveness showing up). The house Leo is in in your natal chart will tell you WHERE, which life area it's affecting eg 7th house is about love and relationships, 4th house is home and family.

With a Solar Eclipse coming up in 2 weeks we are now in what's called the eclipse window. Whatever happens during this time has major significance, accelerating our growth for our highest good even if what comes up is challenging. Sometimes things are flowing as normal with you, but the eclipse is shifting the life of a family member, friend or colleague who might need your support so it's a time to be mindful that this is a sensitive time for many ❤️

How is the Eclipse affecting you so far?

(c) Dana Mrkich 2017

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