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Standing Rock

It is 25 degrees Farenheit in North Dakota, that's -4 Celsius and police are using water cannons on the peaceful water protectors! As well as tear gas, stinger concussion grenades and rubber bullets. The 'rubber' bit makes it sound like the bullets are like a non-harmful kids toy but it hurts like hell with major immediate and long-term medical side-effects.

The US mainstream news media are reporting that the water cannons are being used to put out fires. This is not true. The freezing cold water is being used directly on the people. The smoke is coming from the concussion grenades.

This makes me fricken furious!! Governments are so hypocritical and it makes me sick. They focus on 'the war on terror', meanwhile what is this but state-sponsored, state-perpetuated domestic terrorism? Imagine if US troops, or troops from another country, marched through a New York cemetery and started doing this to people praying there!

Despite the human rights abuses to their bodies, environmental abuse to their land, spiritual abuse to the burial grounds of their ancestors, and legal abuse of their native rights, the water protectors will stand strong!

If you feel to voice your political disgust you can call:

National Guard 701.333.2000; ND Governor's office 701.328.2200; Army Corp of Engineers 202.761.8700; Amnesty International 212.807.8400.

If you would like to support the protectors with supplies, here is what they most need and how to get it to them

To receive live updates follow any of the below on Facebook. I am regularly also posting and sharing on the situation as it unfolds.

Prayers and love to everyone there, and to your families <3 xxxxxx

(c) Dana Mrkich 2016

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