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When enough is enough: Humanity rising

With all the madness happening around us it's easy to feel like the world has lost the plot. But it is being turned upright again after a long time of things being upside down. Just like a snow dome being flipped, there's a period that feels like mayhem but all renovations and transformations go through this, be they personal, social or global.

A lot is being revealed that has been hidden or simmering just beneath the surface for hundreds and in some cases thousands of years. People are drawing lines in the sand where they feel enough is enough.

One example is Standing Rock which I've been posting a lot about today on Facebook. The live feeds are being shared to get truth out there, and to aid the flow of incoming support in all the ways support can come. That the people are continuing to pray instead of fighting back in self-defence is a testament to their spiritual strength and integrity.

Authentic power is rising up and being reclaimed. The abuse of power is on its last legs.

The in between time is difficult and ugly, yet also courageous and shining with light. The world will be put right again. We have no other choice. With specific reference to Standing Rock, we can't drink oil.

Prayers to those on the ground and your families. We pray you are kept safe and protected. Thank you for what you are doing. Aho. Mitakuye Oyasin

(c) Dana Mrkich 2016

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