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The United River of Souls

Tomorrow, or maybe today by the time you read this, the people of the United States of America go to vote, in an election that seems as far from united as one can get. But underneath all of the opposing beliefs, underneath all of the anger and emotion, underneath all of the terrible truths and outright lies, there is a strong river that is very united.

That river is made up of everybody's energy, and everybody's energy right now is surging with a power that has been gradually coming to life in recent months, years and for some, decades. That energy is made up of all of our souls, all of our lifeforce combined. It knows what we don't know, it remembers what we have forgotten. But it wants us to know, and it wants us to remember, and so it urges us on in different ways. It pokes and prods us. We may not consciously recognise that this prodding and poking we feel is ultimately coming from inside us. We may think it is coming from outside, from THAT situation, and from THOSE people or THAT person. But situations and people are just players in our game. They are external triggers who make us cry and rage and shout 'No more!' and "I've had enough!".

We are united by the knowing that we have all, in some way, been blinded and oppressed from being able to live freely. We may all be pointing our fingers in different directions as to what has caused this lack of freedom and power, but underneath it all, we all have this same innate instinct: I am here to be free, I am here to utilise my power in a good way, I have SO much power and I can't have it held back any more!

The way in which we respond to this innate instinct determines whether we embark on an inner-self search and find mission, or become activists, or inform ourselves about a zillion topics and act accordingly, or rage against the 'they' that we perceive as the enemy stopping us from being who we are.

Our energy fields are layered with memories and emotions, accumulated over lifetimes and generations, influencing our view of the world, our attitudes, our beliefs, and the way we see ourselves and others. The science of Epigenetics has proven this. Our beautiful souls can become like shiny wooden floors that have been covered in dust. That dust doesn't just go away of its own accord. Some people, following their inner urges, have done a lot of sweeping and clearing and so the dust is barely there anymore. Others have a lot of dust, and so outer cyclones come along to shake it all up and out.

This election seems like it is about two main players, who seemingly have the country's and world's fate in their hands. But it is not, and they do not. It is, among other things, about rousing the nation's attention to recognise that the role of President is not the all-powerful role we might have once thought, or hoped, it to be. That's why this election feels like a tragic-comedy reality show. We live in an age of transparency. Nothing and no-one can hide their true intentions or true agenda anymore. Scripted facades can no longer pass as truth. If it looks like a duck and it sounds like a duck then chances are there's a reason we are all going around saying "Gosh, this really feels like I'm watching a reality show!"

It is now more common knowledge than ever that corporate and other interests are behind the scenes, pulling strings, making decisions that have less to do with what is good for the people, and more to do with money and power. You could put the most amazing, kind, intelligent, good-hearted person in that position, and as the system stands TODAY, that person would have to answer to levels of authority way above him or her, and be powerless in a lot of ways to be answerable to the people.

We are all looking for the right good man or woman to be in that position so that the country (and world, due to the US's influence) can change. But the system isn't built that way. The 'right' person can't change a huge corrupt system that is way bigger than any one person. What is most likely to change this old system is a collapse from the bottom: regular people unplugging from it and refusing to support it, grassroots movements like the stand happening at Standing Rock, social media feeds sharing information, raising awareness and opening eyes, from you and I consciously choosing what we do, how we think, how we treat each other, what we eat, what we buy, the companies and banks we choose to give our money to, or not. It's about speaking up and taking action when and where guided. It's the simple stuff: being kind and compassionate, open-minded and open-hearted. And politicians aren't in charge of any of that.

You decide how to treat your neighbour. You choose how to raise your children. You decide which news networks to follow or unfollow. You choose which products to buy, which causes to support, which topics you want to get loud about. Whoever becomes the next President, they actually hold less power than we give them credit for. And YOU hold way, way more power than you realise. It isn't going to be one magical President that is going to make you feel safe or ensure the water, air and Earth remains clean. We don't yet live in a totally enlightened society with a wise round table of elders guiding the world. Right now, change is up to us.

There is a Hopi prophecy that says "We are the ones we are waiting for." At this time, it is our responsibility to embody this prophecy in whatever ways we are called to do. Some people pray and are mocked for not taking action. Others take action and are criticised because "it's all within". Let's stop bickering about the right ways to change the world and consider that maybe there are 7 billion of us because there is a lot to do here, a lot to change, and literally billions of ways we can each contribute our positive energy and influence toward that change. And yes, even the two reality show stars of this election, as much as you want to just look away, they too are playing their part.

Whoever 'wins' tomorrow, know that the true power at this point in our evolution is with us, we the regular people. The politicians will keep playing their reality show for as long as they can get away with it, but the curtains are closing on them pretty quickly. In the meantime there is plenty we can do on a daily basis to contribute to the world we want to create.

Whoever 'wins', trust that the river of energy that is the souls of the people, is ultimately the energy that is carrying the country forward. Neither candidate is holding the energy of 'winner', because neither has actual control of the direction of this river. Both are used to driving from a vehicle that runs on elite rules and ego's, but that vehicle doesn't have much petrol left.

Am genuinely sending a lot of love and prayers over your way US peeps, it's going to be a week of shock and upset either way for half the country. Our thoughts are with the millions of really good people over there, who just want what is rightfully theirs: freedom and living with authentic power. Everyone has different beliefs regarding how we go about having these things but know that these things are already yours. Ask that you open up to your true freedom, and authentic power, in a good way.

"If a kingdom is divided against itself, it cannot stand" - Mark 3:24

(c) Dana Mrkich 2016

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