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Unexpected events and dramatic transformations

September, seriously, are you still here?

This has been one of the most intense months I can remember, ever. Almost every day I have heard about something huge happening to someone we know, and same goes for a lot of family and friends who are either going through massive changes or having it happen in their circles this month. And it covers all bases: celebratory, challenging, emotional, traumatic.

Unexpected deaths, marriages, pregnancies, illnesses, operations, break-ups, quick, short overseas trips, huge family reunions, plans changing ten times, being invited to three things on the same day over again, monumental moments in people's businesses and home lives. It is like a running news feed of dramatic events.

We've had two eclipses plus Pluto stationing and Mercury retrograde which explains some of it, but not all of it. Beyond astrology, there is the energetic fact that personally, and collectively we are continuing to go through a major evolutionary shift. Sometimes the waves are relatively gentle, other times they come crashing like a tsunami. Even if you personally are not experiencing anything life-changing, or feel you have had your fair share of tsunami-like waves for this life thank you very much, it is only human to feel the impact of those waves on those around you.

If you are personally "wave-free", months like this offer an opportunity to be that calm, steady, stable rock for others. If the waves are lapping at your shore (or crashing you over), find something that is that rock for you: a routine of morning yoga, meditation, journalling or walking. Something that centres you, and reminds you of what is real, and what is important.

It is like there are realities super-imposed on realities right now. You might be watching something that is playing out politically and think, this just seems like a staged reality show. It's because in a way it is. Vibrationally speaking, there are (at least) two worlds existing now. (Okay, technically there are billions of worlds, but this is about two of them). There is the awake, conscious, authentic, heart-based world, where everything may not be perfect, but people are at least striving to do good, to live healthily, to take care of their families, to look after their communities. Then we have the manufactured world. It is not run by the heart, rather it is a world of warped power, control and fear. It is an old, dying world with very little life-force left. It used to be a world that most people accepted as the 'normal' world, but it is far from normal.

With every thought, word, action and choice, we give our energy to one of these two worlds. More and more of us feel repelled every time we give energy to the old world, and are tuning out en masse. Conversely we feel happiest and most alive when we switch our antennae on to the new world and new ways of living.

This isn't about a polarity war, it is about vibrational, collective evolution. As a collective we are ready for a new chapter, and so it makes sense that the old world is gradually becoming defunct.

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” - Buckminster Fuller

Today Mercury goes direct, so where things have been going a bit haywire with scheduling and electronics, they should start to settle now.

On Monday Pluto goes direct. If this year has been one of heavy duty transfomation for you, this is a good time to ask yourself: what has Pluto been wanting to teach me? Have you got the lesson yet? Hopefully yes, so Pluto can go gentle on you as he treks forward going over already worn ground for the remainder of the year.

Today also marks the Equinox, when the day and night is of equal length. Traditionally it is a day of balance, a good day to reflect on where we might need more balance or are out of balance. Today Sep 23 is also 14 years since our mum passed. I cannot believe we've been here for 14 years without her :( It's also Christian's birthday, happy birthday to the best partner and daddy ever! <3

How are you all trucking at this point in September? xx

(c) Dana Mrkich 2016

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