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Mercury retro: distractions and details

Mercury retrograde starts today on 29 Virgo. I just got a call from a client I haven't seen in 5 years who called my number by accident - this is typical Mercury retro, hearing from people you haven't in ages, calling the wrong number, having something go to the wrong address etc. Phones, electronics and computers especially love to go haywire around this time. Today has a kind of a distracting, stop start feel to it. On the one hand we are in the day before the New Moon Solar Eclipse (will write about that in another post), so the energy of that is preparing to open us up to whatever it wants to open us up to. On the other hand we have Mercury halted in his tracks, starting to go reverse. So this is like being on a train that is picking up speed ready to take us somewhere very fast (the Eclipse), while the mechanics keep pulling the handbrake up to check this and tweak that, have you looked at this, how about that? (Mercury). Today might be a blend of wanting to get productive and super organised, meanwhile feeling like you are taking three steps forward and two steps back! Virgo is all about the detail so over the next few weeks you might feel compelled to go over things again more precisely: revisit a project, redraft a business plan, or make amendments to a contract before you feel comfortable signing. Virgo loves order and cleanliness so you might feel the need to do a spring (or fall) clean, renovate your home or change the cushion colours. Have patience today with any Mercury shenanigans! How are you feeling?

(c) Dana Mrkich 2016

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