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Saturn Direct: Your helicopter moment

After 5 months retrograde Saturn has gone direct this weekend!

Things always seem lighter, clearer and easier after a planet goes direct, but in the days leading up to it you might feel the exact opposite as if things are coming to a head in a certain area, or you feel a heaviness and with Saturn particularly feelings of depression and overwhelming "what's the point of it all?" oppression.

It's that slow down you are feeling before the pause and then the restart. Some of you might have felt your energy shifting gears as early as a week ago, while others will feel it this weekend, otherwise you'll get a gradual sense of the fog lifting in the coming week or so.

Saturn is the realist, the father figure, the one wanting us to take responsibility for our lives and situations, the one that pushes us to assert our boundaries. He wants us to take action, get our head out of the clouds, put our grown up boots on, confront what we must confront and do what needs to be done.

When it goes direct, you can get a very strong insight or realisation as to where Saturn is asking you to do the above.

For example, if it's been bothering you that you are feeling sluggish but you haven't done anything about it, Saturn will turn up the dial on your lack of energy or unhappiness so much that you can't ignore it anymore. From somewhere you finally decide right, what does my body want here? You finally decide to commit to a new exercise routine and healthier eating, you ask your partner or a buddy to hold you accountable.

Saturn wants you to have what you want, but he wants you to learn something in the process. He'll take off the training wheels, and at first you'll cry because you'll think "I'll never get anywhere, I'm all on my own and I can't ride with only 2 wheels." You can either give up or decide to learn/grow. You'll fall. You learn more. You put on a helmet and crash gear. You get better.

Saturn can say get with the program, stop wishing or insisting that abc happens in an xyz way, and learn to work with the path that IS showing up for you. It is like that story of the man caught up in flood waters. He keeps responding to every opportunity to save him (boat, helicopter) with "God will save me." After he dies he says to God, why didn't you save me? God says, I sent you a boat and a helicopter what more did you want?

Here's a personal example. Saturn is going direct almost on my Neptune, which loves magical thinking. The other day, after 3 IVF attempts this year that have either not worked or been cancelled due to low response, our fertility specialist offered her final strategy which involves being on the pill for a few months before another try to give my follicles a chance to build up. She said they have seen some success with this protocol. My Pisces ruled by Neptune idealistic self thought "oh no, the pill, that means I definitely won't get the chance to conceive naturally in that time!" My Capricorn rising ruled by Saturn practical self slapped me into reality and said "get with the program, this is your helicopter, get on it."

There is a time for magical thinking and there's a time to take what reality is offering you and mould it into magic. At the end of the day, Saturn offers no less magic, it's just magic that looks like a helicopter, a doctor, a qualification you need for your dream job, or a workout schedule that will give you the fitness you want.

How are you all feeling?

(c) Dana Mrkich 2016

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