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Freedom, truth and power

It may seem like the world has lost its mind, it may look like the US election is a one way trip to crazy town, but from an energetic perspective everything is unfolding, or rather unravelling, exactly as it should be.

This election is not about Hillary vs Trump, who ultimately have to answer to higher and hidden systems of power regardless of who becomes President. This election, and this time in our history in every arena, is about the masses - ordinary, everyday people - awakening to what we have a divine right to: freedom, truth and authentic power.

The energy, passion and anger we are seeing in people on both sides comes from an innate need to claim those rights. There is a push to topple the elite systems of power, yet at the same time the people are being asked to choose between parties who are both a part of that old elite system. There was a belief that if only Bernie got in, the country would have a chance at moving in a better direction, but Bernie's exit was ironically the biggest example of one of his main campaign points: the system is corrupt and ruled by corporate and elite interests regardless of what the people want - and regardless of who is President.

His exit, the dismal official response to the leaked emails showing his own party conspired against him, Hillary's immediate hiring of the disgraced DNC chair, and the way Sanders' supporters were treated at the Democratic Convention, was an arrogant display of the smug elite grinning like Cheshire cats: Yep there is corruption, yes the winner has already been decided regardless of what the people want, yep here is the evidence - "and what are you all going to do about it?" seems to be the attitude. In the other corner Trump is putting on a big show that he is all for the people getting their power back, as long as of course (going by his daily commentary) you are a white, straight, wealthy, Christian male.

So with the election resembling a crazy reality show, part comedy, part horror-drama, not to mention all kinds of messed up stuff happening all around the world, it's natural to be thinking at this point WTF!!!!

For years my posts have discussed the very thing we are going through right now primarily:

1) all that is not in alignment with a higher level of consciousness is being brought up for the eventual purpose of release or transformation;

You can't leap forward into massive personal or societal shifts without everything opposing that shift coming up for attention. You can't renovate or demolish something without there being a lot of dust and mess in the process. That said, at the same time as all this chaos is going on there is A LOT being built and created based on a different, new foundation. One of consciousness, awakening, sustainability, equality, justice, truth, peace, unity, community and connection. The mainstream media don't focus on this part of our social shift that much, but if you look around be it in your real life or online, there is a growing conscious wave that gives us every reason to have hope and expect continuing positive change in the years to come. In every moment you have the power to be a part of that positive change, with all you choose to think, say, feel, share, do, read, watch and create.

2) truths are being revealed regarding all that has been hidden be it hidden politically or hidden in our personal subconscious or collective unconscious

We are going through a big cleansing, and there has been plenty hidden under the carpet that is now coming into our awareness. The shadows being revealed do not define us, nor do they determine what our future is going to look like. They are not a reason to go into fear. They can trigger feelings of helplessness, powerlessness and vulnerability, but ultimately we are more those things when things stay a secret. As truth comes out it isn't always pretty, it can shake you to your core, but rather than let it drive us into anger and despair, we need to realise: this is actually opening the door to our liberation and true power.

3) everything within us is being highlighted and intensified hence the high levels of passion, outrage, desire for change, resistance etc

If it feels like every event and every opinion these days seems like someone has pressed the highest volume and highest brightness level on the tv, it's because this is exactly what's happening. Every emotion, every repressed aspect of self, every fear, every part of our potential is being activated and awakened. When this process is not appropriately supported or expressed, things like anger turned outward or inward, violence, frustration or abuse of power is the result. This is a time when more than ever we need to take responsibility for what we are feeling. Why is that person or that post pushing your buttons? Why is that injustice making your blood boil? What within you are you being called to own or transform? Where are you being called to go make a difference?

Things have been given an extra stir by the Pluto/Uranus squares we have been living with since 2009, that we will be emerging from after this year. A lovely reader asked me to talk about the link between the current Pluto/Uranus series and their connection to the Pluto/Uranus conjunct series that occurred in the mid-60's.

Pluto is about Power, while Uranus is about Freedom and Rebellion. What happens when the two clash? Anyone who is feeling powerless is going to want to lash out, protest, unleash their anger, demand freedom, rebel or refuse to be suppressed any longer. Anyone who is used to holding the reins of power is going to hold on even tighter unless they are evolved enough (and trust enough) to let go.

It is a bit like dealing with your rebellious teenager who suddenly wants to do whatever they want to do. The teenager is not clashing with the normal authoritarian father here - that would be Saturn who has an attitude of "I am going to restrict you, but I am going to do it for your own good to keep you safe." We may be hearing those sorts of words from our governments, but it is Pluto at work here not Saturn. Which means Power, in this case the Shadow side of Power (wanting it, taking it, abusing it) is behind a lot of the restrictions around freedom, rather than a genuine desire to protect. It also means that owning our Power, our authentic power, is the key to our freedom. Unfortunately, some people think that to own their power they have to take someone else's power which is not owning your own power at all. Quite the opposite, it is a lower level response to feeling powerless and will never fill you up. A person coming from a core wound of feeling powerless who chooses to try to fill that hole up via other people, will always feel power hungry. It's like craving a food, and trying to fill up on substitutes. Ten carob cookies later you are still craving the chocolate ones! Some of the most overpowering figures in our public sphere, and private lives, come from a core wound of feeling powerless.

The higher level of Pluto wants to know "Where do you restrict yourself because you haven't owned, or been 'allowed' to own your Power?" Pluto will show you, in your face, where you have been carrying hidden influences that have kept you from stepping into your authentic power. On a collective level it will show us where society has been under the influence of hidden forces that have kept us from stepping into our authentic power.

Where possible:

- Respond to your emotions with consciousness, rather than reacting with anger or fear. Take a few deep breaths before saying or posting something that is coming from triggered reaction.

- Ask yourself, what is the real truth here? It may look like we are all in danger from constant terrorist attacks (some of which are orchestrated by those other than who we are told perpetuated them) but the reality is that domestic violence, medical malpractice, being accidentally shot by a toddler, and health issues related to lack of money, environmental factors, mental health or avoidable toxins are far greater problems resulting in daily death, disease and injury.

- Pay attention to where we are being distracted, and from what and why? Why are certain issues highlighted while others are ignored?

- Own your inner freedom, truth and power now. Don't wait for a cosmic shift, or disclosure or the government to suddenly become enlightened. Remember, in every moment you have the power to be a part of positive change, with all you choose to think, say, feel, share, do, read, watch and create.

(c) Dana Mrkich 2016

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