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Turn down the fear

You know I love a good analogy. In this video commentary Waleed likens the fear twirling everyone around right now to a Gravitron pulling us all further and further apart. Time to stop before we are all thrown off. Great to see someone in the mainstream standing up to say that fear is one of the biggest issues here. The irony is that fear of 'the other' is driven by the mainstream media, and that's where language has to change.

Why is violence perpetrated by Muslims always called "terrorism", while violence perpetrated by someone of another religion or by a white person generally called something else be it a hate crime or mental health snap etc? While violence perpetrated by governments is called 'protecting our freedoms'?

No-one wants any violence of any kind anywhere near them, that's a given. But to place all the blame onto one group thinking 'if only THEY weren't allowed in then we would all be safe' is a fallacy. Historical facts show us that terrorist organisations have been trained and funded by the CIA for decades. At the end of the day, the majority of people, black, white, gay, straight, Muslim, Catholic, all want the same thing. To be safe, and have the right to live in peace with their families and loved ones.

(c) Dana Mrkich 2016

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