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Wednesday Wisdom Seeds #2: Moving beyond doubt

Today's topic is doubt. It’s that little voice in your head, or feeling in your tummy, saying, I don’t really want to do this, or go there. It also might say I can’t do this, or I’ll never get there!

How do you know when doubt is your own wise instinct speaking to you, or your fear making you feel not good enough?

When you feel doubt, for whatever reason, it is an orange traffic light moment. The doubt is saying slow down, pause, take a moment. Taking a few seconds to listen to your doubt is important because this is where you will get clear. Is the orange light naturally moving into red, wanting you to stop, or say no to something? Or is the orange light temporarily flashing, while it encourages and helps you to move on to the green go light? Maybe it wants to tell you there are a few physical action steps you need to take first before proceeding. Maybe it wants you to clear some emotional beliefs before going further. So, a red light that turns to a green arrow.

Trying to make a decision without respecting the orange light usually results in either surging forward feeling anxious and unsure, which is not the best foundation on which to do anything, or has us sitting on idle, feeling stuck, unable to move forward but not really at peace with staying where we are. We feel frustrated, meanwhile are potentially missing new signs like a green arrow saying, turn left here! Or we choose the red light, but end up feeling guilty.

Getting some clarity with your red or green light, before choosing either, helps you move through those lights with more peace. The green may still have its challenges taking you out of your comfort zone, the red may still make you feel a bit sad that that you couldn’t say yes to something or someone, but the mental angst and anxiety is reduced.

If you feel doubt about something, whether it’s something you’ve been invited to, an errand that needs doing, or a big dream that keeps tapping you on the shoulder, sit in silence for a few minutes with your orange light. Feel into the part of you that wants to go forward or have a certain reality manifest, that knows it is possible. Feel into the part of you that isn’t ready or doesn’t want to or thinks it can’t happen. Allow each part to speak to you. Feel how your body feels with each response.

Out of your red and green light messengers, one group will feel more true than the other, for this moment. If the red light is more true, allow it to be, knowing it will open up to a green arrow indicating a different direction, or maybe a detour taking you to your destination a different way.

I will be recording a meditation and putting it on the site soon if you want some guided help with this.

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(c) Dana Mrkich 2016

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