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2016 Energy: Consciousness in action


Video Version here

We ended 2015 with lots of people experiencing some major sliding doors moments, our family included. Potential or actual accidents that could have ended up much worse but for a few centimetres or seconds. In the aftermath of those events, I was so aware that here we were in this reality where everything worked out okay, but there was a very different parallel reality that had been averted where life was drastically changed.

This got me thinking. How many times has this happened for us as a collective here on Planet Earth? More specifically, how many times has it happened in recent years with particular regard to the ‘Shift’? We look around and think things could be a lot better, but when you experience a near-miss you realise things could be a lot worse to the point of it being lights out, game over (when it comes to life here).

What if life here, right now, is a reality much like the one in a movie where global disaster was averted at the last moment, meanwhile humanity have gone on blissfully unaware that things could have turned out very differently had that asteroid been a bit closer, or had that solar super storm shifted in our direction.

What if our celebratory ‘we made it!’ party was not about waiting for the day when the world is suddenly perfect? What if it is about the day when we realise we have all been given a second chance (or millionth chance) to appreciate how much paradise is here right now, to know how much power we have right now, to make things better however we can, to help whoever we can.

Too often we underestimate what we as individuals can do to make a difference. We think, “I am one person, what difference does it really make what I do or don’t do?” Look at a jigsaw puzzle. Now see it is made up of 7 billion pieces. What if everyone thought their piece didn’t count? What if everyone thought their piece did count?

You make a difference whether you believe you do or not. Your piece contributes to what that overall picture looks like, whether you feel it does or doesn’t. You don’t have to do anything big. As my aunt reminded me yesterday “It’s the little things, and it is all little things.” It’s that one sentence, that one signature, that one smile, that one step, that one hug. A little thing to you can be everything to someone else.

We amp up our gratitude and appreciation for life when we experience tragedies and near-misses. We amp up our desire to live more fiercely, to love more deeply, to stress less and stop judging ourselves so harshly. What about those near-misses we don’t know about? It is reasonable to assume we have all had many. It is reasonable to assume the planet has had many. Are those near-misses worthy of that same gratitude and appreciation response? The same passion, love, self-care and compassion response? Of course they are.

As I write I’m thinking of that saying held by those with a good attitude who are getting older. Asked how they feel about aging they reply: “It’s better than the alternative.” As we look around the planet today with all its issues, we can see it’s not perfect. But it is still here. We are still here. And there is so much beauty. In people, in nature, in animals, in causes, in creative offerings, in life itself. So much beauty despite our many personal and global issues. Our issues do not define us, nor should they be ignored. They are not markers of failure, they are highlighters of that within us and around us seeking transformation. We can use them as catalysts for change, as guideposts indicating what needs shifting, what needs addressing, what needs our support, love and attention.

When a tragedy happens, your whole world changes including your perspective regarding what is and isn’t important in life. A ‘near-miss’ situation gives you a jolt asking: What are you doing with your life? Are you happy with everything? Are you appreciating what you have?

It is obviously preferable to get a ‘near-miss’ wake-up call than have to live through the alternative. What if that’s what we have received but haven’t quite realised? What if we woke up one morning, feeling a new appreciation for being here on Earth but unsure why? A lot of you have felt like this over the past one, two, three years. What if it’s because life on Earth could have gone one way but didn’t, and here we all are in this reality? Would we feel it on some level?