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Why am I not letting it in?

Image: Dark Pink Cosmos Flower!!

On the surface we might be doing everything we can to achieve our goals or create change in our lives. However if we are holding sabotaging beliefs in our subconscious it is kind of like watering a beautiful flower that has been hurt at the roots. The bloom will eventually wither, and attempts to grow more flowers are met with no success. Gardeners can bring plants back to life that looked beyond saving. The good thing is, we too can heal our roots. We can create for ourselves a blossoming garden by making sure to nurture a healthy mental and emotional inner ‘root’ system.

Clues to the status of your roots can be found in your everyday life. Look at your life right now. Choose one major area that seems to be lacking in growth, in which you have a recurring pattern or it’s not going how you’d like it to go. Once you’ve done the following exercise you can repeat it for any other life areas in which you would like to see change. Write in your journal: - What is the name of this part of your life? (Eg Income, Relationships, Health, Home, Travel, Work, Family etc) - Imagine this part of your life going exactly how you’d like it to go. That is, you have your ideal income/relationship/health/travel/work/etc. If 'ideal' feels like too big a stretch, simply imagine something better than you are experiencing right now. You want to be picturing something that makes you feel 'aah that feels better' rather than something that makes you feel even more tense or stressed. - Ask yourself ‘Why am I not letting this in?’ Sit quietly with your eyes closed for a few minutes. Trust the first thoughts, images and feelings that come to you. Some of you may like to keep your eyes closed and just go with whatever insights and visuals come to you, while for others it will work better if you start writing in your journal and allow guidance to come. ** This is part of an exercise featured in Week 3 of Create a Life you Love.


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