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Not being in relationship vs 'being single'

A really great comment just came through over on the Let Love In private group page. It was regarding 'being single'. Even though Let Love In is technically a 'love and relationships' course, the deeper issue that is really being examined is our relationship with our own self. It is this relationship that is then reflected back to us toward everything in our outer life: from our love relationships to friends and family relationships, to work relationships, from income to happiness, to health, to life fulfillment. It all comes back to this relationship we have with our self.

I purposely chose not to use the word 'single' when writing the course. I spent most of my adult life (prior to meeting my now partner) not in long-term relationships. I disliked the word 'single' because it seemed to define me by my relationship status or lack thereof, and so I never called myself that. You are you, sometimes in relationship, sometimes not. Even if mainly not, you are still you, ultimately whole (or on your way to wholeness) regardless of relationship status. It is the biggest irony that I felt so called to write a relationship course, because I am the biggest champion out there for saying to people, spend time not in relationship to really get to know yourself! I am the last person in the world to view 'not being in relationship' as any kind of failing. It is society that does that, and we feel pressured by it, and feel like something is wrong when we are not in relationship. I think if more people allowed themselves more 'not in relationship' time, we would likely see a lower divorce rate, and a much higher percentage of healthy, non-co-dependent relationships. And I guess that is why I wrote this course. Not so much so you can attract the one tomorrow, but rather so that when you do attract the one, you do it from a space and a place of absolute wholeness, connection to your self, and love for your self. It is also for those who may be in a relationship right now who want to work on those things within themselves, which make their current union all the healthier, which we can all use a dose of!! x If you would like more info on the course, please go here.


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