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Sacred Feminine Fire

There is a lot of Sacred Feminine healing and awakening about this year. We have plenty of astrological alignments supporting this process, one happening this weekend as described beautifully in this article by Tara Greene and portrayed in her image above.

We are officially in a new cycle of evolution, one in which the Divine Feminine is coming in like a big Goddess lady riding a chariot. The Divine Feminine influence is one of strength from within, grounded in our bodies and our Earth, connected to knowledge here and among the stars that is ancient as ancient can be. Yet even as I write some of what her influence is, her nature is to stop me and say "Don't label me. Don't box me. Don't define what my influence is or is not. It is whatever it is for each unique individual. Don't use me to give people yet another energy to follow or conform to. I am what I am, and each one of you reading this are who you are. Don't let anyone define you or give you rules to define yourself by. Define yourself."

This is totally in line with the feeling many of us are having of feeling less called to seek guidance from 'out there' and moving more to being in our own space, in our own stillness and silence, where we can hear a deep wisdom that is simultaneously our own and the whole Universe's combined. We are feeling a greater pull to live from our hearts rather than our minds. These days you might be saying a lot "I feel like I'm losing my mind!" or "Has everyone lost their minds", which is just a term we all use without thinking about what it means, but really this is pretty much what is happening. Well, we aren't really losing our minds, but we are losing them as our control centre, and instead moving down into where our Heart is taking the lead. Clear decision making can more easily come now from feeling rather than thinking. Ask yourself: How do I feel? What am I feeling about this action/this job/this person? What is this feeling wanting to tell me? As more and more of our Feminine within awakens, we can feel bouts of heaviness as the old oppression we've had over her washes through and out of us. We can feel bouts of rage, anger, tears and grief as our body recalls the very many ways we have denied and devalued her, and experienced her being treated beneath her worth by others. We might consciously be aware of what we are remembering, while at other times we will just have these very emotional waves and not be sure why. At those times let the emotion wash through you, and either just trust that your body is releasing something it needs to let go of, or you can of course ask the emotion: what are you releasing? And the more juicy exciting question is: And what is underneath this that is now ready to come to life? Are you feeling the Divine Feminine shifting in your body/life? (c) Dana Mrkich 2015

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