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Mexico and Full Circle Moments

Buenos Dias from Mexico! We'll be based here in Playa del Carmen for the next 6 weeks while Christian gets some dental work done, followed by 6 weeks in the US as he prepares for and completes the Sundance committment we made as a thank you for the conception of our beautiful Jaxon.

Sundance is one of the seven sacred ceremonies of the Lakota, with whom Christian has been connected to for 20 years.We're both looking forward to getting fresh new creative inspiration over the next few months and some re-charging of the Soul. I plan on writing a new course and seeing where the winds of change take me.

I've also decided to step away from Sessions for now. There are so many ideas, projects and writings in my heart that I want to give attention to at this time, as we all step into embodying our greater selves in every life area and arena. My passion has always been and will continue to be this ever-unfolding and evolving journey we are all on, understanding the energetic influences within and around us, and supporting others to live with empowerment, freedom, and being true to your Soul.

As I sit here I keep thinking back to my first visit to Playa in 1995. It was during my first long travel trip where I visited the pyramids in both Egypt and Mexico, as well as partying it up in Europe. So much was activated in me that trip and I came home with a much clearer sense of my self, path and purpose. Travel has always done that for me and for those with the opportunity my words are always if you feel strongly to go somewhere then do all you can to go. When you commit to a trip, miracles tend to unfold helping you to be able to do it.

This trip feels like a full circle one in so many ways. 6 years since our last time here, during which time I wrote Create a Life you Love. 6 years since the ceremony we did with a Medicine Man that we are now coming back to give thanks for. 20 years since that 22 year old me was sitting on the swings in that bar I passed last night, now holding hands with our little Jax.

I felt her presence so strongly, as if the two timelines were co-existing in that moment (which they are) and I felt myself say to her "it's all going to be okay, it's going to be great", and I wondered did my 22 year old self feel that? Did I feel my future self walk past that night, giving me a soul hug and encouragement? I think I did because I can't explain this crazy connection I felt to those swings, and I regularly remember them as if they are some hugely significant part of my life memories. So that's my rambling for the day as this wave of nostalgia is washing through me.

Is anyone else having major full circle moments now or this year? (C) Dana Mrkich 2015

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Love Dana x


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