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Covid-19: An astrological and energetic perspective

Looking at the energy around the global Covid-19 situation is like standing in front of a giant washing machine packed with all sorts of clothes, created from all sorts of materials, from smooth pink chiffon to rough grey fleece, spinning at full speed and trying to decipher what’s in there. There’s so much going on, with so many consequences, potentials and hidden hands. The rapid rate at which things are unfolding is head-spinning – which is crazy to write seeing as usually we’re asking “Why is this shift taking so long?!!”

Society as we know it has been disrupted, paused, postponed, cancelled. Not just in one city or in a far-off country. This is happening everywhere, to everyone. We are ALL riding this wave together now. Not just energetically anymore. Physically.

Life right now is like that scene in Willy Wonka where Mike Teavee gets broken up into a million tiny pieces as he gets teleported through the air and then re-emerges inside a television set. Our reality right now is like those million tiny pieces floating about, only there are billions of pieces.

Nope there was no flash of light to indicate that this is “the shift”. Yet shifting we are, and shift we will. In our bodies, with our bodies. It’s no exaggeration to say that our old world and old reality is rapidly disappearing. There is a new world and new reality on the other side of this that we will re-emerge into. In the meantime we are in the transition zone.

The transition part of any process feels scary because it is the void, the great unknown. It’s the phase where demolition is happening but you don’t yet fully know what the rebuild will look like. On one level this process has been happening for a long time with millions of people, and even entire countries at times, experiencing various stages of “exiting the old”, “entering the new”, and “transitioning in between.” Now though the time has finally come where THE WHOLE WORLD is experiencing the shift collectively. Each person in their own way.

We have known for a long time that something was coming. Something that would stop the world, reset us, and shift our course. This time was prophesised by the ancients, only no-one knew what would happen or when. Yes we have had ‘pandemics’ before, or other major world events like WWII, but not with the following conditions:

  • 7 billion people on the planet, (there were 1.8 billion in 1918, the time of the Spanish flu)

  • The majority of those 7 billion are now either on full or partial lockdown, self-isolating or social distancing. The social, emotional, spiritual and economic effects of this is beyond comprehension.

  • Up to 200,000 flights globally are usually in the air on any given day transporting millions of people only to have that suddenly come to a near standstill with borders closing and travel bans in place

  • 60% of the global population has internet access and is using it to connect like never before

Social, emotional, spiritual, economic effects

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of light, it was the season of darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair.” - Charles Dickens, A Tale of Two Cities

Over the past week, this quote by Charles Dickens has been constantly popping into my mind. It’s an apt description of this time that we’ve found ourselves in. Over the weekend I was looking at fire flames flickering and they too gave me a similar message: fire burns, it warms, it provides light and heat. It can destroy and it can sustain life. With fire there is death, there is also purification, regeneration and rebirth.

For years I’ve been writing about how “the light” and our “awakening” isn’t about everything becoming all rosy overnight. Light and awakening is about awareness. Heightened insight and perception. A microscope and torch shining on those parts of ourselves, and those parts of our world, that we haven’t wanted to see, been ready to see, been able or allowed to see. The Awakening process involves amplifying all things: the good, the bad and the ugly. All has to be amplified so that it can either be fully embraced and appreciated (if for our highest good), or transformed, or finally released (if it is no longer serving us).

While many people have gone through their own individual processes, their purges, their identity breakdowns and breakthroughs, there was always going to be a time when everyone experienced it together. We are now at that time. There was always going to be a trigger. That which has been called ‘Covid-19’ and the international/national/state/community responses to it, and the subsequent almost overnight effect on our lives on multiple levels, is that trigger. And just like any deep, powerful transformation process, it contains a melting pot of all sorts of feelings and experiences; the good and the hard, the high and the low, pain and loss, beauty and love.

So this is one of the reasons why the Charles Dickens quote came to mind, (the other reason came to me later and I’ll go into it in another section) and why the fire is such a potent symbol for what is happening right now.

Over the coming weeks and months (and this has started already), we’re going to see the following as well as experience certain aspects of it:

  • Devastating losses of work and income, some temporary, some permanent

  • Bursts of new creative ideas born from the need to save livelihoods, businesses and sanity

  • Opportunities to think about what you really want to do, in light of having time off your regular job or losing it entirely

  • A massive increase in using online technologies to salvage businesses or start new endeavours

  • Time to work on aspects of your business or other projects that you usually don’t have time for

  • Feeling fear, confusion, anxiety, sadness, depression or grief due to the unknown, loss of normalcy, financial uncertainty, social distancing, self-isolation, upheaval of daily routines and other plans

  • Feeling calmer and more at ease than you have in a long time as the constant external busyness stops a while

  • Relief at not having to feel guilty for not doing certain things

  • Bouts of feeling a loss of purpose and direction as the regular flow of life is disrupted

  • Feeling your purpose and direction clearer and stronger than ever before, knowing you were born for this time

  • Feeling excitement at the positive possibilities resulting from this situation

  • Discomfort if you aren’t used to spending time with yourself, physically isolated from others

  • Much needed slowing down, time to reflect on what’s important, time to connect with yourself and your Soul

  • More time with your partner and children, or those you live with, making any ongoing relationship issues impossible to avoid or ignore

  • More time with your partner and children, or those you live with, providing quality time together that you wouldn’t have experienced otherwise

  • Less time with your loved ones or children that don’t live with you, if in lockdown for an extended period of time

  • A pause on festivals, parties, weddings, gatherings of family and friends, café breakfasts and lunches, bars, restaurants, dinners out, cinemas, concerts, theatre shows, all events, fun parks, after-school and weekend activities, church, funerals, sports events, beach outings, hair & beauty salons, massage therapists, gyms, yoga studios, museums, art galleries, zoos, parks, playgrounds, shopping, weekends away, trips and holidays

  • Feeling sadness about missing all of the above, and that all you had in your diary is now crossed out

  • Deeper appreciation for things that you took for granted, and looking forward to the great joy we’ll all feel when we can engage in ‘outside world’ social and cultural activities again, including work and school

  • Finding new ways to connect in the meantime, and new ways to have fun

  • Re-connection to home-based activities that you’re usually too busy for: reading, cooking, gardening, home DIY projects, craft, playing music

  • Schools closed indefinitely

  • New ways of learning as schools, yoga studios, music teachers and other educators transfer to home-online education

  • Children who aren’t getting enough to eat because it was school that provided them with a healthy, free lunch (30 million kids in the US alone), or because their parents have lost their jobs; families struggling

  • Community support groups popping up on social media to support those who need assistance in any way

  • Women, children and men stuck at home with their abuser

  • An increase in calls to mental health support hotlines, from adults and children

  • Homeless people who will no longer have passers-by giving them some spare change or a hot coffee

  • A great reckoning as society is confronted like never before with the reality of how we have failed those who needed more help, and how we have undervalued those who are in positions to help yet don’t have enough resources

  • People stepping up to help those who need it, or support the helpers in more ways

  • Re-evaluating how we value/pay healthcare workers, social workers, teachers, nurses, emergency services providers – the caretakers of our community

  • Less pollution and Co2 emissions as planes, cars and factories pause, clearer skies, cleaner water, fresher air; a cleansing time for Mother Earth

  • Emptier supermarket shelves, and street vendors facing empty streets

  • An increase in the desire for greater self-sufficiency, on the household level, community level, and national level; more people starting everything from growing a herb garden to moving toward totally self-sustainable off-grid living

  • Creating more eco-friendly, healthier, local supply chains

  • A balancing of the see-saw as our hyper-masculine socio-economic structure gives way to a more feminine focus on community health and wellbeing, and on inner/home life for a time. As the feminine energy is restored, so too the masculine will be returning to a more natural, healthier state

This is a surreal time. Even as I write the above list it still in part feels like a dystopian/utopian sci-fi movie plot, or a futuristic energy report like many I’ve written before. But it’s not a movie, and it’s not the future. It’s reality, here now for now.

The Phoenix rises from the ashes

Artist: unknown

Our collective dark night of the soul leading to collective rebirth

While the current situation is far from comfortable, there is a re-balancing that is going to happen because of it. Sometimes we don’t even realise something is out of balance until a change is forced upon us. Sometimes we do know that something needs to change but think we can’t change, or have no idea how to.

Have you ever been through an extreme experience or situation in your life, a dark night of the soul, a Pluto transit, something you didn’t think you could survive but you did, and you came out the other side changed forever? The old you broken, yet replaced by a new version of you, a you that was inside you all along, waiting for the trigger to be activated, a version of you that is closer to being an embodiment of your Soul, stronger, wiser, perhaps softer and humbled? This is what we as a collective humanity are going through now. And it is what many individuals will be going through.

If you are a helper, healer, teacher, lightworker, starseed, wise soul, or kind soul, now is your time. Now is your time to step up, soothe and support wherever and however you feel called to do. You can do this in small and large ways, it is all good, and it all helps the whole. The supermarket aisles have such a heavy feeling these days. Just smiling at people you pass is doing something. Posting helpful, inspiring things online is doing something. Phoning your friends and family members to make sure they are doing okay (mentally as well as physically) is doing something.

This is your time to add clarity and calm

to a confusing and uncertain situation

Ask for guidance.

A suggested prayer:

Thank you for putting me where I can be of the most good

for the most amount of people.

Thank you for guiding me

to offer that which people most need right now.

As everything slows down, everything is magnified. The good and the bad. It is like a bright light is being shone on every individual making us see all we need to see about ourselves. It is being shone on our governments, our media and social systems, highlighting cracks, showing what works and what doesn’t. It will be shone on all sorts of criminal activities that are currently not able to operate, or are under surveillance in a way they weren’t able to be before. Light is being shone on the absurdity of celebrity worship and their increasingly bizarre posts during this time, juxtaposed against the backdrop of tired, underpaid health care workers, supermarket staff and truck drivers who are all working around the clock to make sure people are taken care of.

For Australia 2020 started with a focus on our firefighters and emergency service workers who were there for us during the many months of bushfires. That time showed us that when a crisis looms, it is grassroots level ordinary people, friends, family, neighbours and service workers who are there to save, care for and protect the community. Together we can get through all things. Even though this time we have been physically isolated from each other, the community spirit prevails and thanks to the internet can continue via online means.

2020 is a year when we are all

being confronted with our shadows,

personal and collective.

What do you value, and why?

Who do you value, and why?

What have you ignored or avoided, and why?

To what do you need to reconnect?

To whom do you need to reconnect?

What is power?

How do you use it?

How is it used over you?

Feel your Feelings

If you have been feeling like you need to cry, cry. Normal has been left behind for the time being and it is natural to grieve even the temporary loss of ‘normal’. If you can see that there is something bigger going on here, don’t use that to spiritually bypass any of your own human feelings, or dismiss the feelings and fears of others. There is no right or wrong way to move through this, and how we feel one minute might be very different to how we feel the next. It’s all okay.

As I was getting my take-away coffee (we are still allowed that here for now, and in these dramatic times I’m fully aware of how privileged that one action alone sounds), I noticed that I was surrounded by an abundance of food, fruit, gelato, homemade jams and Himalayan pink salt. And I thought about how people lived through the great Depression, and how my grandparents survived WWII living in refugee camps. I thought about how they would likely say to me now “Umm, what is the problem here?” Because right now in the grand scheme of things we are okay. We are being asked to stay home, a home that is safe and warm. We have plenty of food and water, hot showers, all sorts of devices and activities to keep us occupied. Much more than many people have under even ‘normal’ circumstances. That said, many people who just a few days ago or weeks ago were okay are now not okay.

The feeling of overwhelming sadness, shock, heartbreak and uncertainty is in the air at the once bustling café, only one or two other customers waiting for their take-away, standing 2 metres apart, while staff soldier on wondering how much longer they’ll have work. This feeling is in the air in the supermarket aisles, not a pack of toilet paper, pasta or rice to be seen. It is in the air as millions of people are being let go from their workplaces without pay. It is in the air as I look at my son and as much as he is loving the novelty of home school, I’m thinking of his great school and friends, and the things that have been put on hold for now. None of this is forever, there are silver linings all around, it is a bridge to get us to humanity’s next phase, and yet still…if you are feeling the grief it is all part of the process.

Grief and the Lungs

Interestingly, grief is the emotion that is metaphysically connected to the lungs. The lungs are the organs being most affected by Covid-19. We are grieving the loss of life as we knew it – some of those losses are temporary, some will be permanent.

Give your lungs extra care and attention right now. (I’ve made a couple of Breathing-focused meditations available free on my site. Link at end).

Breathe in love and lifeforce

Breathe out all that is no longer serving you

On a collective level see all Earth and humanity

breathing in unity and connection

See us all breathing out anything from the old world

that is no longer serving us.

There are also the hilarious memes and videos that are getting us through. The spirit of humanity is shining through as we bond through our shared experiences. There is a ‘small village’ feeling that the internet and social media have provided, meaning that even in isolation we don’t have to be alone.

What’s really going on here?

There are a lot of mixed messages and various theories going around regarding what’s really happening with both the virus and the unprecedented response.

Is this a new, natural virus?

Is it a man-made virus that escaped a lab accidentally or intentionally?

Is the response also being used as an extreme ‘new world order’ trial run for the next phase of social control?

Is this a plot to crash the world economy or create a financial reset?

Are the lockdowns and travel bans also being used as part of a covert mass takedown of global crimes, corruption and cabal activities?

Has the universe sprung this on us as a quick and effective way to clean Mother Earth’s air and waterways, and get us all to review everything from overly dependent supply chains to more independent self-sustainability, from unplugging from external busyness to slowing down and plugging in to ones self and family?

All of these questions are being asked across social media and by regular people wondering what is going on? The weirdness of 2020, and the whiplash speed at which life has changed in recent days and weeks, is so far beyond what we used to call “normal life” that any and all of the above could be true. Time will tell.

To help make sense of the constantly-changing circumstances we all find ourselves in, let’s look at the current astro climate. It’s a way to press pause on the swirling washing machine and zoom in to check out some of the influences, players and potentials involved.

Astro Climate in relation to Covid-19

While the virus started in China in November 2019, things only really started escalating in Italy and elsewhere in recent weeks. Other countries in Europe, the US, Canada, South America, Australia, NZ, India and others have massively increased their response daily over the past week.

The first most obvious astro factor is that we are right in the thick of a very intense interaction between Mars, Jupiter and Pluto.

20-23 March – Mars conjunct Jupiter 22-23 degrees Capricorn

Jupiter rules international travel among other things, while Mars is about action, assertiveness and high energy. Now if this was happening in a more fun sign then it might of played out differently. However this transit is in very serious Capricorn, the zodiac’s Father figure.

These dates are when we saw a rush of energy around closing borders, grounding flights, banning travel and enforcing lockdowns, quarantines and self-isolation. This is very Saturn-like energy, who manifests through his ruling sign Capricorn. Capricorn is about creating secure, sustainable foundations, and is perfectly fine to do it alone without distractions. He might seem like a party pooper in the short-term, (Everything: cancelled), but he always does things with the long game in mind.

So, while these actions might feel like they’re destroying our social, cultural and economic foundations, there is something happening here to get us all on more solid, stable ground in the long-term. This feels to be happening on multiple levels: personally, socially and collectively. Yes Capricorn can be heavy-handed in the authority department, and we definitely wouldn’t want to live this way for an extended period of time, but Jupiter’s presence tells us that even amid the restrictions the end goal is eventual expansion and abundance. Jupiter adds elements of joy and silver linings to what is otherwise an extremely tough time.

On the surface these measures are about ‘flattening the curve’ and ‘slowing the spread’, and it would be easy to guess that the solid, stable ground is merely us getting out the other side with our health and lives intact. But there is something deeper afoot. The stable ground to which we are being lead is not just about getting through this Covid-19 time. This is about a greater transformative overhaul – personal, social, collective. Covid-19 just happens to be the vehicle (and even then it comes with moving parts that we aren’t yet aware of). We know this because Pluto is involved. More on that in next section.

Jupiter also rules, fame, celebrity, international connections, and wealthy, successful people. With this Mars/Jupiter conjunction in ‘bring down the hammer’ Capricorn I keep intuitively hearing “anger at being caught in a trap.” Interestingly 20-23 March is when most of the US were told to stay home, and when quite a few famous people started posting some rather interesting videos and images. Some are being heavily criticised as being tone-deaf to the situation, while others are being forensically analysed for coded messages. Time will tell.

On 23 March we had Mars conjunct Pluto, at almost 25 degrees Capricorn

Pluto represents the underworld, your shadow and intense life/death/rebirth type transformation. With Pluto there are always hidden power factors at play from personal wounds that have been sabotaging you that are now ready to heal, to global power players directing things from behind the scenes.

Mars and Pluto together is an extremely intense transit. It can be explosive, with a lot of anger potentially being triggered. We saw an example of this in Australia last Sunday night and Monday morning when our Prime Minister was saying schools should stay open while a couple of State Premiers made it clear they were strongly encouraging children not to go to school. All of them looked like they’d been in the boxing ring all night, clearly opposed to each other’s recommendations. Capricorn represents governments so I’d say there have been a lot of heated discussions behind closed doors about how best to handle the corona situation.

Added to this, the US is being strongly impacted by Pluto as Pluto is coming up to the same degree it was on during the American Revolution (will be exactly on it during 2021). This means that the country is due for major transformation that will ultimately be healing in nature. While Pluto transits are intense, they powerfully overhaul something that is long past its used by date in order to allow the rebirth of a new, more authentic identity. So the US currently has Mars, Jupiter and Pluto all right now on or around this pivotal degree. This is going to turn the country inside out, but in the long-term there is great, positive change that will come from this.

23 March – Saturn enters 0 degrees Aquarius

The splitting of realities, from our ‘old Earth’ to a ‘new Earth’

was a major topic of research by

hypnotherapist, teacher and author Dolores Cannon

Dates to Watch:

May 11 - Saturn will retrograde at almost 2 degrees Aquarius. It has unfinished business in authoritarian Capricorn before it can fully immerse in freedom-loving Aquarius

July 1 – Saturn re-enters Capricorn. Governments will quite literally have the weight of the world on their shoulders through July, Aug, Sep

Sep 29 – Saturn stations direct at 25 degrees Capricorn and starts moving forward again. Things are far from back to normal but hopefully things will slowly be feeling lighter

Dec 18 – Saturn goes over 0 degrees Aquarius, spending the next couple of years in Aquarius until March 2023. We move into a new phase of re-building.

A Tale of Two Timelines

For a long time there have been two primary timelines running side by side. The first is what I’ll call an artificial timeline. It is a control/power-based timeline, based on a hierarchal pyramid structure, designed to benefit the few at the expense of the many. This timeline has many names: the New World Order agenda, the Annunakian-Sumerian-Phoenician-Babylonian bloodlines, the control Matrix, the Powers that Be/Were etc. They have acted in the shadows and behind the scenes for thousands of years. Blackmail, bribery, corruption, blood rituals and sacrifices were the route to the top of the pyramid. Total and complete control of humanity and the Earth was the endgame. Having us eventually hand over all control willingly was the endgame. This timeline is at the end of its expiry date.

The second is what I’ll call the authentic timeline. This is humanity’s natural timeline and Earth’s natural timeline. It is heart and soul-based. It is one where we are free to evolve, live and grow without interference. It is one where we are free of hidden agendas, and free to live as sovereign beings within a more circular, grassroots, community-centric way of living. Storytellers should be able to get a movie made without having to sell their soul. Inventors should be able to advance humanity without having their ideas bought and buried by those who profit from our lack of advancement. This timeline has many names: the New Earth, the New Reality, the Shift, the Ascension, the Event are all associated with this timeline.

After WWII a fork in the road started appearing. Full blown preparation was in full gear for the unfolding of Timeline number 1. At the same time increasing numbers of so called ‘Lightworkers’ and ‘Starseeds’ started being born on the planet, (some were already here, but now they started coming in larger groups) to start activating the reclamation of Timeline number 2. In recent decades we’ve come in larger and larger numbers, ready to take the lead as Timeline number 1 expires.

The current lockdowns have an interesting vibe because on one level they are straight from the NWO Timeline number 1 playbook. Yet on the other level, much to the Timeline 1’s annoyance, humanity keep using difficult situations to further bond and find ways to feel connected and help each other!!

So we have these 2 timelines currently doing a kind of overlay dance, where just as Timeline number 1’s plans are right at their final crescendo, it’s too late. Timeline number 2 is starting to override things. Too many people on this planet have already ‘ascended’ vibrationally. Lower vibrations cannot interfere with a higher vibration. Cannot. Unless the higher vibration descends to meet the lower.

As we make this transition, it is VITALLY important you hold steady to your high vibration. This does not mean you can’t have feelings or cry or feel anxiety at times. It means: don’t live in a fear-space. Show love, kindness and compassion for those around you. Step up and be there for others. Have faith in humanity. We will get through this together, and we will come out the other side better than ever.

The next 3 months will give us a taste-test of what Saturn in Aquarius will be like (albeit with the heavier Saturn in Capricorn overlaying it). Aquarius is about the collective, community, communal co-operation and humanity coming together. It’s about embracing every individual’s uniqueness, knowing it contributes to the whole. It’s about technology, the internet, new inventions, innovations and unconventional ideas. Aquarius loves freedom, social justice and the rights of all people. Already we can see an increase in our online forms of community connection, and a feeling of collectively bonding with billions around the world, as we collectively experience life in self-isolation.

Once our self-isolation time is over, we will continue with some of the new behaviours, habits and modes of work we were flung into unexpectedly. Many people will have received a “re-balancing” in one way or other. Lives and relationships will have changed in ways we didn’t plan or anticipate. Businesses will have discovered new ways to service their customers. Many will continue to include new options, like online classes or home delivery, that they initiated during the isolation time. Some people might decide not to return to a physical space or office at all, enjoying the freedom that working from home gives them and the exposure to global students and clients. Those who were laid off might find new careers, jobs and study paths calling them, ones they would never have thought to pursue otherwise, or were hesitant to pursue, having been reluctant to leave income security.

Even while Saturn is most commonly associated with Capricorn, Saturn was also the ancient ruler of Aquarius so he feels at home here – in a much lighter way. The stern, overly authoritarian Capricorn father gives way to the potential for a more loving modern Aquarian fatherly role, one who supports his children without ordering them about, who encourages them to be the best they can be, and build the best world that they can build. While no-one would ask for a pandemic as a trigger for all this change, the reality is that it will change us – and in many ways it will be for the better.

When it comes to leadership, over the next 2 years it has to be all about the good of the people rather than control and power, otherwise the people are going to rebel. See how Timeline number 1 has backed itself into a corner? If you try to force people into draconian rules permanently (which is many people’s fear), the people will rebel. That sort of life is on a timeline we have outgrown. If this even looked like a possibility then there would be absolute anarchy. Ask them to self-quarantine to protect their family and community? People can and will support that. But this then means that people feel safe, protected and protective, more than they feel fearful of the overlords, which in turn means they are vibrating to Timeline number 2 which is all about love, compassion and unity. Sorry Timeline number 1 but it’s Checkmate. They do love a chessboard after all so hopefully they’ll appreciate the irony 😉

If you’ve had concerns that the world’s governments won’t want to relinquish their new found lockdown powers, Saturn in Aquarius suggests a social foundation that is more free, not less. Saturn in Aquarius indicates a social foundation based on grass-roots movements and the good of all. Yet we have to be responsible for building and growing this foundation. We have to want to grow up and do the right thing by each other not because we are being ordered to, but because we genuinely care about each other.

Yes, with a Timeline number 1 scenario Saturn in Aquarius could be used to quash a thriving humanity, to control the masses, to restrict innovation, to control the internet and all those other manifestations that many have so feared. And unfortunately we are going to see some of that play out as this Covid-19 situation plays out. Military are patrolling streets in some countries. Aussies landing from overseas as of tonight will be bused straight to a hotel for a mandatory 14 day isolation there, rather than being allowed to do it from their own homes. But to indulge that timeline as a likely permanent prospect, as the likely victor, is to completely undermine and underestimate the power and potential of humanity. Did so many of us come here only to have that Timeline win (for lack of a better word)?

So now, during this transition time,

now is the time to stand up and decide:

Which Timeline are you going to back with all your heart and soul?

You are standing at the Roulette Wheel,

and you’ve been asked to put your chips down.

Pick a side.

Uplift how you are viewing the current situation.

Uplift how you are viewing the quarantines and self-isolation situation.

Focus on humanity, unity, connection and care-taking the whole.

View this time as bringing out the best in all of us, not the worst.

As we transition like Mike Teavee,

see us all landing in the new phase

with Saturn in Aquarius in alignment with Timeline number 2

Yes the entire chessboard is a part of the whole, we are all ‘One’, Timeline 1 and 2 are all aspects of us for better or worse. But I am talking here about the next phase of humanity, and how we want it to look. We are making a collective decision here between Script A and Script B. Personally, I have always strongly believed that we made the decision a long time ago and the wheels are already in motion. Timeline number 2 is moving us up and out en masse.

The 3 month Saturn in Aquarius trial run takes us to 1 July which suggests that this new social climate (self-isolating/online living) will most likely continue until at least then for many countries. Saturn will however still be in retrograde, not going direct again until late September so it feels like it’s still going on at that time, albeit hopefully in a less extreme way, or in on and off stages.

On December 18, Saturn re-enters Aquarius this time journeying through there until March 2023. We also have Jupiter conjunct Saturn on the December 21, 2020 Solstice.

“Our highest endeavour must be to develop free individuals who are able out of their own initiative to impart purpose and direction to their lives”.

- Rudolf Steiner

As Saturn travels through Aquarius we’ll be living and integrating all that we’ve learned. From new business models to new appreciation for the simple things to billions of transformed lives that have all been touched in some way. Our new ways of being may have been triggered by a difficult situation but we don’t have to continue living within pandemic conditions/restrictions in order to continue practicing the silver linings, gifts or soul nudges this time may have given us.

Moving on to other current astro influences:

1 April – Mars conjunct Saturn, 0 degrees Aquarius

Another intense day (what day isn’t intense lately?!). Mars joins Saturn which in this case will likely mean a massive amount of determined, focused energy and action all going toward one specific, very serious goal. We’re already experiencing this obviously!

0 degrees Aquarius like all 0 degrees in any sign usually has powerful meaning so I was nudged to see what the Sabian Symbols had to say about it. The Sabian Symbols were created in 1925 by clairvoyant medium Elsie Wheeler who together with astrologer Marc Edmund Jones received themed information for every degree in the zodiac. When transits happen on certain degrees, the events that happen often correspond with Elsie’s description in uncanny ways.

For 0 degrees Aquarius she wrote:

“A Secret Meeting Of Men

Responsible For Executive Decisions In World Affairs.”

Out of interest: the degree of 24 degrees Capricorn where we’re seeing the congregation of Mars, Jupiter and Pluto is:

“A Woman enters a Convent”

which is about self-isolating and introspection.

Over the next few months Saturn will travel back and forth over

1 degree Aquarius: “An Old Adobe Mission in California”

(pay attention to LA)

and 2 degrees Aquarius: “An Unexpected ThunderStorm”.

(If you’re interested in knowing more about the Sabian Symbols, Australian astrologer Lynda Hill has a fabulous book The Sabian Oracle: 360 Degrees of Wisdom)

On a more personal level, with millions of families and flatmates suddenly at home with each other 24/7, we’re going to see tempers flare and outbursts of frustration, anger, irritability and cabin fever. Schedules and routines have been turned upside down. People are now juggling having everyone under the one roof all the time, working from home, home schooling and running a household while possibly experiencing financial uncertainty and worrying about how long this is going to go on for. Usual ‘personal space’ time is out the window. This is a recipe for inner and outer meltdowns. Tips to help are further below.

3-6 April – Jupiter conjunct Pluto almost 25 degrees Capricorn

Yet more transformative days – this could be related to certain things being exposed related to famous, wealthy, successful people. We might see something profound change over these days connected to international travel, borders and airlines (on top of what we are already seeing).

On a personal level there are also a lot of positive, powerful possibilities here: opportunities to expand and create abundance in different ways, opportunities to study and transform oneself, it’s a great time to start an online course or any personal growth goal. There’s quite an expansive feel around this transit as Jupiter works to make any situation as beneficial as possible.

Also watch for interesting developments on:

Good Friday April 10, 2020, (4.10.20 for Q peeps)

Also the entire 1-12 April through to Easter Sunday


Stress affects your immune system so finding ways to manage your stress and emotions is essential for your overall health and wellbeing right now.

It’s important to keep remembering that this time won’t last forever.

Repeat: This too shall pass!

Don’t try to keep up with your usual productivity goals.

Know that your children have been flung into a situation they’ve never dealt with before (as have we). I’ve included a wonderful message on my FB page written by a school principal about how at the end of the day their mental health is much more important than how much of their home schooling they get through each day. A highly recommended read if you’re newly home-schooling and at your wit’s end!

This is an unprecedented situation where we are all dealing with a lot of change

with moving parts added every day.

Make time for self-care

Go gentle on yourself and whoever you’re living with. Everyone has been thrown into a new daily situation, and we’re going to have to find ways to practice patience and stay calm without losing our minds.

Boost your immunity with immunity-boosting foods and supplements

Eat nourishing, nurturing foods

Get enough sleep

Try and get some direct sun every day if possible

Get some sort of exercise, whatever you can do given your living environment

Find some yoga to do online



Make some art

Crayon it out

Dance, play music, make music

Bake, cook


Read some good books

Watch some good movies


Stay safe and well,

We are all in this together,

Where we go one,

We go all

Big hugs,

Dana x


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