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Schumann: Amplifying Energy

The Schumann Resonance just had 13 hours of extremely high amplitude...this is the strength/intensity of what is known as Earths heartbeat. 🌍 Energy like this heightens everything. The good and the not good. So a lot of people will be feeling extremes. With the below it’s possible to bounce from one extreme to the other, or resonate more with one end. For example: 🌟Extreme tiredness and deep sleep, or total wired insomnia 🌟 Increased depression, paranoia and anxiety 🌟 Surges of high creativity and big visions related to creations that can better the world or open up new avenues for your work or income 🌟 Increased sense of calm, tranquility and connection with the Earth 🌟Deep fear, sadness and disconnection from life here 🌟 Intuitive downloads that feel like you’re on an ayahuasca journey where suddenly you get insights, realisations or secrets of the world you just never saw before We are also in the window between the Dec 26 Solar Eclipse and the Jan 10/11 Lunar Eclipse which in itself is always intense with more than usual life-changing events. 🌍🌈 Pay attention to what is being brought to your attention now. Energy surges don’t just happen so that we can “ride them out”. They offer a real gift to SEE what you need to see, and FEEL what you need to feel, so that you can get to the next version of yourself. The waves, as intense as they can be, are helping us...use them! How are you feeling? ❤️

(c) Dana Mrkich 2019

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