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Uncomfortable Week of Growth

We have a lot of challenging astro aspects this week that on one hand will trigger a lot of people out of their comfort zone, yet on the other hand offers a huge opportunity for growth, transformation and healing.

Today Apr 27, or evening Apr 26 for the US, we have a Full Moon at 7 deg Scorpio opposite Uranus in Taurus.

A Full Moon in Scorpio is emotionally intense at the best of times. Feelings or desires that were buried long ago, hurt you caused or that others have caused you can come up, (even ones you weren’t aware existed). It can be ouchy yet with lots of potential for healing, closure or going deeper into topics you’ve avoided. Secrets and hidden issues might be revealed, which again can be hard to face but ultimately has a better outcome than not facing it.

Add to this intense soul scuba dive the fact that it happens opposite Uranus- planet of erratic behaviour, shocks and unexpected events you didn’t see coming. Uranus is ultimately about freedom, and he can manifest in a rebellious way. Uranus shakes you out of your comfort zone and triggers change that has you feeling “wtf just happened?!”

With these two aspects opposite each other, this week can result in some uncomfortable growth opportunities. In our order-loving society we aren’t always comfortable with the uncomfortable, we don’t like shocks, surprises, secrets or unplanned soul scuba diving. Yet from time to time the Universe takes us to these places within ourselves, or brings situations to us, that forces us to get to that next level of our awakening.

But wait there’s more....we have serious, get-with-reality Saturn squaring the Moon, Uranus, the Sun (which sits next to Uranus on Friday), Mercury and Venus. Think of a ball on a pool table that is trying to escape the Universal pool stick but just keeps bumping from one corner and edge to the next. Actions have consequences and this week Saturn is lined up like a teacher in front of parents and students, “Here’s your report card for this subject, here’s the results of your study or lack of for this subject, here’s how many days absent you had last semester (The parents respond in shock: what?!), here is what all that means.”

It’s tough love, it’s life lessons, it’s bumping up against reality after thinking maybe reality didn’t notice you skipping school or not paying that fine or faking your income to get the loan. It can also manifest as having a hard time with the decisions or actions of other people: accepting that you can’t control others, and at the same time you can’t save them or face the consequences of their actions on their behalf. This is a time where we are all having to learn self-responsibility and take ownership of our life and choices. Family dynamics, friendships and relationships can go through the most intense of weeks with anything from dramatic endings to healing reunions.

Umm not finished yet. Pluto goes retrograde today. Pluto is Scorpio’s ruling planet, but he’s over in Capricorn teaching us about power, authority and what happens when we don’t own our power and authority vs when others abuse their power and authority over us. Pluto will be retrograde until Oct 6 so we have 5 months of really examining our relationship with power and authority, especially in the part of your chart that falls between 24-26 Capricorn.

It’s not the easiest of weeks but it’s a powerful week. Anything that arises this week is designed to transform, heal and take you to the next level of yourself.

How are you going?

(c) Dana Mrkich 2021


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(c) Dana Mrkich 2021


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