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Tips to Keep your Energy Clean

You take a shower to keep your physical body clean. Likewise you need to keep your energy clean: your mind, your heart, your spirit, your soul, your non-visible energy fields that accumulate all sorts of clutter.


* Your breath is your number one purifier. Make it a habit to do 10 deep belly breaths last thing before you go to sleep and first thing when you wake up

* If you have trouble staying focused on your breath alone, move down your body from head to toes, relaxing each area, all muscles and bones as you go

* When you have a shower imagine you are washing off you all that no longer serves you and all that doesn’t belong to you

* Take a bath with Epsom salts

* Take a break from social media especially comments sections, take a break from the news and immerse in your real life

* Where possible, take a break from people or environments that don’t make you feel good. If that’s not possible use things on this list to help you deal with those people/environments

* Spend time outside in nature. Sit in your yard if you have one, go for a bush walk or hike, get to the ocean or mountains, connect with the beauty of the Earth you live on

* Think about 3 things you are grateful for each day. Be specific. You can also write them in a journal.

* Stay focused in the present now moment. Appreciate what’s around you, and on what you can do right now.

* Use affirmations: eg I am filled with love, I am surrounded by love, I am protected by love, I am guided by love

* Smudge yourself and your home. You can use anything you feel: sage, Copal or other incense, aromatherapy oils, candles

* Do your inner work. Clear your personal wounds. Address your shadow. Connect with your soul/higher self/highest Source

* Keeping your energy clean is an inside job. Be intentional about keeping it how you want it