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The Emperor's New Clothes

From an article I wrote in 2004 titled “The Emperor’s New Clothes”.

We are busting these systems open.

We are here to create new ways of being, and a world truly FOR the people created BY the people.

For that to happen in a mass way we needed a mass global catalyst to reveal the Truth. It’s like when you need to wake up to some Truth in your personal life: there is always a catalyst. No one can tell you the truth of a thing. You have to see it and feel it for yourself.

So life does this thing, when we are ready for Truth, where it highlights dysfunction so we can see it more clearly than ever. It highlights it to the point where it is impossible for us to ignore it.

You might think “How is anyone still ignoring glaring Truths?! It’s so in our face!” But everyone has their own personal catalyst moment even within the greater collective catalyst story.

Know that the facade is coming down. The illusion is collapsing, as are the agendas connected to that illusion. The collapse is highlighting and revealing them, for all to see. And everyone is seeing what they need to see in their own way, in their own time.

The collapse and the highlighting can be scary because it feels like we are being smothered by the dysfunctional systems and their agendas more than ever.

Get out from under the rubble. Look for the Light.

It is within you and within the First Responder Truthseekers, Starseeds, Warriors and Wayshowers who are shining their torches down into the collapsing rubble, helping you to find your way up and out.

Just as you will help those behind you.

(c) Dana Mrkich 2020


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