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Solar Eclipse: What was happening for you in 2002?

What was happening in your life on or around June 10, 2002? On that day there was a Solar Eclipse at 20 degrees of Gemini.

Cut to June 10, 2021...we have a Solar Eclipse today at that same degree, 20 Gemini. Same date, same Eclipse degree, just 19 years later.

If this was a spot on your Life music record it’s not true to think you’re just going around in circles with life situations and patterns. Life is more like a spiral where you’re always circling higher and deeper with each cycle.

Higher awareness, deeper perspective. Higher emotional response, deeper knowing.

Are there any similarities happening right now to back then? Are you getting the opportunity to do something differently this time around? Are you more ready for something this time around? How is your older, wiser self navigating current circumstances, challenges or opportunities?

Look to where 19-20 Gemini is in your natal chart. What house is it in? That’s the life area most likely to be affected. What, if any, planets is this degree on, near or opposing? That shows you how the energy is most likely to play out.

Happy to answer any general astro questions here, and please feel free to help answer other peoples if you are astro-savvy!

(c) Dana Mrkich 2021


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