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Sep/Oct: Stop, Revive, Survive

Apologies for the absence of Monthly Messages and Sanctuary Spaces during September and October. I needed to step back from a few things temporarily while I process some large events that have occurred recently.

Our grandmother – our mum’s mum - passed in early September, and as life would have it her service ended up being the day before the 20th anniversary of our mum’s passing. Grief comes in different ways at different times, and I’ve got to say that the wave of sadness connected to losing my mum (even though it happened 20 years ago), hit me like it happened yesterday. All of this came on top of losing my mother-in-law a couple of months before my grandmother passed. So, I’ve been gently sitting with the motherline loss that has come up due to all of the above.

I needed to let go of a few things in my schedule in order to maintain my energy and practice some self-care. One of the topics that I’m teaching most often about this year is recognising our stress responses and ensuring we have tools in place to prevent ending up in burnout. I liken it to a car that starts flashing the orange light when we’re running low on fuel. When we see that orange light we know it means we have to pull over at the nearest gas/petrol station otherwise we’re going to end up conked out on the side of the road. We, as humans, also have an orange flashing light telling us it’s time to stop and re-fuel. That orange light comes in the form of our various stress responses.

Our stress responses can be a physical symptom like headaches, tiredness or muscle tension. It can be emotional like anxiety, irritability, anger, lack of motivation or depression. It can be cognitive like foggy, cloudy thinking or racing thoughts. It can be behavioural like too much of something that isn’t good for you, or not enough of something that is. Your orange flashing light will show up however it needs to, ideally to get your attention.

I am very aware of my orange flashing lights. For me, various feelings come with clear "stop" or "postpone" emotional/energetic waves, and I've learned in life to listen to these signals. To pause. To slow down. To say no or not yet or not today or not this month. It’s not always possible to do that with everything. We still need to pay our bills and get the kids to school and make sure dinner is on the table. But if you are reading this and thinking “oh wow, that’s me, I need to just stop”, I encourage you to see where in your life you can do that, even if just for a little while. It’s okay to disconnect from the online world, to step off social media, to unplug. That alone can be a very re-energising source of re-fuelling.

I look forward to resuming Monthly Messages and Sanctuary Spaces in November.

Until then, check in with your fuel tank. Do you need to pull over? Do you need re-fuelling? Do you need a wax and polish? 😊

Lots of love,


(c) Dana Mrkich 2022


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