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August Message: Riders on the Storm

Image from Tiny Buddha

There is so much noise out there. The current environment feels like an extended family reunion dinner where everyone has been forced into the one house. There is shouting and yelling: “This is the right way! No, this is the right way!” Aunt Mary is over in one corner pouring herself wine after wine to cope. Uncle Jerry is in another corner telling jokes, to try to lighten the mood. Cousin Harmony Dawn is walking around the house with a sage bowl, smudging everyone and chanting for peace.

What to do?

If you feel like there is too much noise outside, and that it is all confusing, conflicting and crazy, then that’s a good sign that it’s time to switch off from the external noise and plug in to your inner world. This doesn’t mean ignoring outside circumstances, information or inspiration. It means going within, to connect with your own inner space of calm, clarity and centredness – and then from that space seek out the most relevant, appropriate information and inspiration for you. From that space you can respond to outer circumstances more clear than cloudy, more calm than turbulent, and more centred rather than pulled in all directions.

How to do this?

· If the last thing you do at night and the first thing you do in the morning is reach for your phone, scroll through social media/news/emails etc, you’re filling yourself up with external chatter before you even give yourself a minute to plug into yourself.

Try a new habit: last thing at night, and first thing in the morning, take ten, slow deep breaths. You can just focus on your breathing. Or you can say a favourite affirmation. Some of my favourites are: “I am filled with love, surrounded by love, protected by love and guided by love.” I also like: “I am connected to my best possible self, best possible reality and best possible movement forward on all levels; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.” Find or create your own – the most important thing is that they are meaningful to you.

· If a certain social media site/page/news show/update is heightening your anxiety have a break. Decide to have a 3 day or 7 day break from it, or give yourself a designated window where you only check it at a certain time each day, and only for a maximum of x minutes.

· Get outside in nature. Go for a walk. Feel the sun on you. Breathe in fresh air.

Why is this happening?

We all knew a shift, the shift, was coming. A time when everything that wasn’t in alignment with who we really are, everything that wasn’t aligned with authenticity and a higher frequency, would be highlighted, intensified and brought to our attention for healing, dissolving or transformation. We knew that the truth of all that was hidden would be revealed – inner and outer, personal, social and global, the good, the bad and the ugly. We analysed ‘the rollercoaster of energies’ while we went through them, for some way back in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, then came the post 2000 chapter, and then onward past 2012, 2014, 2016 etc etc. Each period brought more and more intensity, like incoming tsunami waves of increasing energy.

“How exciting!” we thought. “The global awakening is starting! Then, “When will this intensity end?” people asked after months/years/decades of constant waves with not-fast-enough change happening around us. Ah, the good old days. So cute that we thought that was a rollercoaster! So innocent we were, wanting things to go faster.

For many of us, it was a rollercoaster, personally, as we went through various stages of the awakening process as individuals. And now here we are, along for the greater ride, as the collective goes on that rollercoaster, going through all those same stages of awakening that we went through whether it was 50, 30 or 3 years ago.

What does this mean?

Already had your own fair share of dark nights of the soul? Well, now you get to experience it and/or witness it as the bulk of humanity – and society itself along with all social/political structures – go through a collective dark night of the soul.

Remember when you set a new intention to create a totally different kind of relationship, or let go of a pattern once and for all – only for that to trigger and highlight ALL your old baggage/beliefs/wounds so that you could clear them and heal them (a necessity prior to any quantum leap into new terrain)? Well, yep, humanity as a whole has to go through that too prior to our creation of a very different kind of world.

Remember when well-meaning friends told you to stop dating the exact same kind of person, and you read all the relationship self-help books, but you didn’t really get it, until that day you got it? Well, that’s the same for everyone else. We can’t force anyone to see what we see, or to awaken when we do, the way we do. Nor should we.

So what now then?

Remember who you are. Do what you came here to do. Be who you came here to be. This message is one I’ve been writing for around 20 years now, and it hasn’t changed. Only you have the piece of the jigsaw that is the key not only to your personal evolution and awakening process, but the key to humanity’s collective evolution and awakening process. No-one can tell you what your key is or does. No-one can tell you who you are, what you came here to do, or who you came here to be. People can shine a torch to help guide you in the right direction. But only you can take the steps. People can do the opposite too, and tell you to go a different way, a way that doesn’t sit right with your heart or instincts. Again, only you can decide whether to take those steps, or not.

What’s happening in August?