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November Message: Step 11 of the Hero's Journey

What words would you use to describe the current ride we are on? Emotionally exhausting? Mentally discombobulating? Spiritually exhilarating?

Life more and more feels like a movie. A Cosmic Reality Show kind of movie. Imagine the recruiting process:

“Go to planet Earth! Humanity is about to experience the Shift of the Ages!” they said.

“It’ll be fun!” they said.

“Everything out of date will collapse, and a whole new way of being will be born, it’s a once in a lifetimes opportunity!” they promised.

“How exciting!” we thought.

“They’ll need truth-revealers, freedom-fighters, light-warriors and star-seeds to help the process” they said.

“That’s us, let’s go!” we cried.

“Show time should be around end 2012,” said the Production Assistant.

“Great!” We packed our bags and down the rainbow slide we slid.

Shuffle of papers once 2012 came and went.

“Hello, anyone, what’s happening??” we wondered.

“Errr”, said the Production Assistant. “Turns out it’s 2012 by the ancient calendar. That’s 2020 by the modern one.” (To be specific, Dec 21, 2012 in the ancient calendar didn’t fall until August 27, 2020 in our modern calendar).

Enter 2020. Okay, now we’re talking.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, this is how you’re going to play it. Okay, we see. Clever.” Send everyone to their rooms so they can think about life, love and priorities, intensify the control agenda so that people can really see it, pull back the curtains to really reveal the puppet masters, and then, hey presto, everyone wakes up and reclaims their power and it’s on to the new world! Only, oh no, some people aren’t seeing! Some people aren’t awakening! Oh no! Plot twist!

Well, all good binge-worthy series have a plot twist or few. And they all keep you in suspense right until the end. They all make it look like there is no way for the good guys to win, until they do. Classic Hero’s Journey, 101. All the award-winning movies use this model.

Step 11 of 12: Resurrection

In which the last test is met.

Here is the true climax of the story. Everything that happened prior to this stage culminates in a crowning test for the Hero, as the Dark Side gets one last chance to triumph over the Hero. FromThe 12 Steps of the Hero’s Journey

Suffice it to say, at this point we’re all pretty tired, and ready for Step 12 ‘Return with the Elixir – the triumphant homecoming’. The Cosmic Reality Show producers are now making the script as ludicrous as possible in a final attempt to tell everyone: “WAKE UP! You’re on a cosmic reality show!! We’re packing up the stage!! It’s time to move to the next season!!”

They’ve inserted scenes like:

“If you are v’d you can drink standing up! Unless you’re in a strip club then you have to drink sitting down! If you are v’d you can go to a concert with 10,000 people squeezed together! If you are not v’d you cannot visit your mother!”

These are actual rules in Australia.

This is not a battle of the v’d vs’ the un-v’d. This is the final reveal of the real battle that’s been going on for decades, centuries and millenia. It is between the minority who’ve had way too much power and control vs 99% of humanity. The minority have been super clever about it too, because it has been a covert battle. One which many people don’t realise we’re in, or feel too helpless to do anything about. In these final stages the minority have got very, very pushy. The irony is, the pushier they’ve become the more people have realised “Ohhh, I think there is something bigger going on here.”

Like all good movies, the ‘win’ is never just handed over. The super-heroes have to use their strength, courage, powers, intellect and instinct to save the day. Furthermore, as we see in the kids movie Megamind, or as any elite athlete can tell you, often it is having an opponent that makes us rise to the occasion. The super-heroes (regular people), are being galva