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November Message: Step 11 of the Hero's Journey

What words would you use to describe the current ride we are on? Emotionally exhausting? Mentally discombobulating? Spiritually exhilarating?

Life more and more feels like a movie. A Cosmic Reality Show kind of movie. Imagine the recruiting process:

“Go to planet Earth! Humanity is about to experience the Shift of the Ages!” they said.

“It’ll be fun!” they said.

“Everything out of date will collapse, and a whole new way of being will be born, it’s a once in a lifetimes opportunity!” they promised.

“How exciting!” we thought.

“They’ll need truth-revealers, freedom-fighters, light-warriors and star-seeds to help the process” they said.

“That’s us, let’s go!” we cried.

“Show time should be around end 2012,” said the Production Assistant.

“Great!” We packed our bags and down the rainbow slide we slid.

Shuffle of papers once 2012 came and went.

“Hello, anyone, what’s happening??” we wondered.

“Errr”, said the Production Assistant. “Turns out it’s 2012 by the ancient calendar. That’s 2020 by the modern one.” (To be specific, Dec 21, 2012 in the ancient calendar didn’t fall until August 27, 2020 in our modern calendar).

Enter 2020. Okay, now we’re talking.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, this is how you’re going to play it. Okay, we see. Clever.” Send everyone to their rooms so they can think about life, love and priorities, intensify the control agenda so that people can really see it, pull back the curtains to really reveal the puppet masters, and then, hey presto, everyone wakes up and reclaims their power and it’s on to the new world! Only, oh no, some people aren’t seeing! Some people aren’t awakening! Oh no! Plot twist!

Well, all good binge-worthy series have a plot twist or few. And they all keep you in suspense right until the end. They all make it look like there is no way for the good guys to win, until they do. Classic Hero’s Journey, 101. All the award-winning movies use this model.

Step 11 of 12: Resurrection

In which the last test is met.

Here is the true climax of the story. Everything that happened prior to this stage culminates in a crowning test for the Hero, as the Dark Side gets one last chance to triumph over the Hero. FromThe 12 Steps of the Hero’s Journey

Suffice it to say, at this point we’re all pretty tired, and ready for Step 12 ‘Return with the Elixir – the triumphant homecoming’. The Cosmic Reality Show producers are now making the script as ludicrous as possible in a final attempt to tell everyone: “WAKE UP! You’re on a cosmic reality show!! We’re packing up the stage!! It’s time to move to the next season!!”

They’ve inserted scenes like:

“If you are v’d you can drink standing up! Unless you’re in a strip club then you have to drink sitting down! If you are v’d you can go to a concert with 10,000 people squeezed together! If you are not v’d you cannot visit your mother!”

These are actual rules in Australia.

This is not a battle of the v’d vs’ the un-v’d. This is the final reveal of the real battle that’s been going on for decades, centuries and millenia. It is between the minority who’ve had way too much power and control vs 99% of humanity. The minority have been super clever about it too, because it has been a covert battle. One which many people don’t realise we’re in, or feel too helpless to do anything about. In these final stages the minority have got very, very pushy. The irony is, the pushier they’ve become the more people have realised “Ohhh, I think there is something bigger going on here.”

Like all good movies, the ‘win’ is never just handed over. The super-heroes have to use their strength, courage, powers, intellect and instinct to save the day. Furthermore, as we see in the kids movie Megamind, or as any elite athlete can tell you, often it is having an opponent that makes us rise to the occasion. The super-heroes (regular people), are being galvanised into action and awakening by the very people who are seeking to intensify their control over them. So really, everyone is playing their role right now in the way they are meant to play it.

Let’s see what November’s role is in all this:

November is set to be a bumpy ride with so much planetary activity occurring directly opposite Uranus. Uranus is the planet of unexpected shocks, ‘what the?!’ moments and events. He is the great awakener, creating sudden upheavals that ultimately result in new inventions and innovations. Uranus is also all about freedom. He is the light and the lightning that cracks open old, stagnant concrete, revealing the opportunities for something different.

We can get comfy and familiar with the old. We may not have chosen to have a wrecking ball crash through our living room walls or lives. However if it didn’t crash through, we would never have seen that expansive new space on the other side.

This theme officially started on Nov 5 with the New Moon and Sun opposite Uranus, however many of you would have felt, heard or seen the mack truck coming a week or two earlier. This is such a tricky time emotionally for awakened souls. On the one hand, we know that collapses of the old are necessary, in order to birth the new. We know that shock revelations are part of the process, in order to get to the truth. However, we are human and as humans we feel: grief, loss, shock, heartbreak, sadness, devastation. It’s important to feel these feelings, while also having tools to ensure we don’t set up camp there.

While Uranus can certainly stir up some energy – it can feel a bit like you are plugged in to an electrical socket that’s giving you constant zaps – he also brings solutions and ideas that you might not have thought of before, or been ready for earlier. There is a saying ‘Necessity is the mother of invention’ which could well be Uranus’s catchcry. Evolutionary leaps and revolutions have occurred because humanity is designed to grow. When we find ourselves in tight crevices, we are forced to think outside the box in order to survive, and thrive.

If there are situations going on within your life right now that have rocked you, ask the question:

· What is the opportunity here?

· What new ways, new processes, new patterns, new systems, new structures are ready to be birthed as a result of this?

Uranus is over in earthy Taurus, so new ideas will be practical and grounded. Out of work teachers might now be gathering to ask: What new education systems can we create? Out of work healthcare workers might now be gathering to ask: What new holistic health systems can we create? Disillusioned families might now be gathering with like-minds to leave their current geographical areas, moving to land in less populated areas asking: “What new communities and ways of living can we create?”

During November, the triggers for this change are over in Scorpio. Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, which is all about transformation and rebirth that comes from the death of the old – including old illusions, false facades, and outgrown versions of who you really are personally, and who we really are collectively. So this month you may see things you didn’t, or couldn’t, or weren’t ready, to see before. You may undergo excavations of the soul that are brutal yet liberating.

This whole crazy episode titled “Humanity entering its next chapter’ is ultimately taking us personally and collectively toward the fullest potential of who we really are. It will take us kicking and screaming, it will take us despite attempts to stop it.

On Nov 13, it’s Mercury’s turn to oppose Uranus. Take care with communication of any kind. Think before you speak or press send on that email. Uranus can be a little volatile, erratic and rebellious, so before you decide to shout at your boss/partner/family: “I’ve had enough! I’m outta here!”, take a breath. Ask yourself:

· What am I really upset about here?

· In what way do I feel my freedom is being restricted?

· What is a better way to express my needs?

On Nov 18, we have fiery Mars opposing Uranus so take the Mercury advice above and times it by 10. Mars in Scorpio can sting, so people might be feeling particularly volatile if they find out that a secret has been kept from them. Reduce any urge to ‘get revenge’ on someone that has hurt you. Once Mars moves into Sagittarius in mid-December, anyone who is standing on the side of truth will emerge the true ‘victor’ for lack of a better word. Mars can trigger anger and rage, so this is a good day to pen in some physical exercise to make sure you give your body a healthier way to unleash that energy. Please take care while driving. If you’re feeling emotional, take a few deep breaths before you drive off upset.

Mars is also all about action which is great – but again avoid doing anything impulsive that ends up hurting you or others in the end. A positive way to use this influence is to ask yourself questions like:

· What can I do to feel more free?

· What can I do to express myself more freely?

· What can I do to give myself and my family more freedom?

Use the action-oriented influence of healthy Mars, with the freedom-oriented influence of healthy Uranus.

Also on Nov 18, we have the transiting Moon in Taurus visiting Uranus as the Moon makes her way to the Nov 19 Lunar Eclipse. So that means that Mars will not only be opposite Uranus, but also opposite the Moon. This is a recipe for super-charged, explosive emotion and energy – might be a good day to stay home under the covers!?! On a positive note, there is opportunity for something to come to a head that really needed to. If you’ve needed a good cry this is the day for it, and it will feel like a good cleansing.

Finally we get to the Nov 19 Lunar Eclipse that’s happening at 27 degrees of Taurus. Look for that point in your chart (as well as 27 Scorpio), to see if it’s likely to affect you. Usually an Eclipse is the big event in months where they happen, but by this date we’ll all be thinking ‘Whatever, do your best!” In a way, this Lunar Eclipse might come as a relief and a release. A release of any tension that has built up and has yet to come out. A closure to a situation that’s been brewing. A final decision that has been on the cards. It can be a relief to finally be done with something and move on.

We remain in the Eclipse window until Dec 3 when we have the Solar Eclipse at 12 degrees of Sagittarius. That one feels so much better: Sagittarius clears the air with his devotion to truth, knowledge and spreading of wings. December alone has a completely different energy to the other 11 months of 2021.

It is easy to think that these turbulent times are now our reality forever, but nothing lasts forever. We will get through this.

How are you all feeling?

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