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March Message: Dodgem Cars and Dark Truths

The March Monthly Message has been a difficult one to write. It’s been difficult because these messages tune in to the collective consciousness, and right now there is a heaviness within the collective. For some the heaviness is connected to the old world that many are still plugged in to, and the associated drip feeding of controlled narratives, confusion, division, fear and anxiety. For others the heaviness is connected to the growing awareness of the ‘big agenda.’ Then there is the heaviness associated with masses of people being affected by floods, fires, wars and ongoing controlling restrictions. Even though we have incarnated here at this time to expose ‘the truth’ – the Light Truth and the Dark Truth - and re-route the train track onward to a new world, it is still heavy to navigate our way through these times. It is heavy to see what ‘they’ have planned (or had planned, but thankfully we’re waking up quickly). It is heavy to get a sneak preview of life under total control of our every movement, thought, word and action. It’s part of our liberation process to get the sneak preview, so that we can consciously say no to it. In that sense it’s a good thing, but still heavy nonetheless.

So, if you have been feeling this heaviness take a deep breath in…..and exhale. As empaths you are likely feeling not only your own emotions around all the shenanigans going on but those of others as well. So again, take a deep breath in…and exhale. All this heavy energy has to go somewhere, and if you are an energetic sponge chances are, some of it has been absorbed by you. We can become energetically constipated in much the same way as we become digestively constipated when eating too much of the wrong foods. Shake it off and out. Make sure you are moving your body. Go for a walk. Stand on the Earth with your bare feet. Dance around the house. Jump into the ocean. Take a salt bath or shower. Take a deep breath in….and exhale.

This month it feels important to make something very clear: it is almost impossible for us to fully step into the Light without seeing the full extent to which our Light has been manipulated, controlled and de-railed at every opportunity. Our greatest personal healing moments are the ones when we finally confront our wounds, acknowledge our shadow or remember what we repressed. Transformation feels fabulous out the other side, but when you’re going through it, it can feel uncomfortable, and painful. Just as we have gone on healing journeys to elevate our personal relationships and circumstances, we also have to go on them related to the outer world. If we don’t, we risk contributing to the continuation of social patterns in the same way that we repeat patterns in our personal lives. If we don’t see what we need to see, we risk continuing to be at the mercy of global mind-control operations, and constant manipulation of our attention, focus, thoughts and actions. To fully plug into our Light, we have to unplug from something else. The confrontation with that something else is an almost inevitable part of the process.

There is a jarring energy in the world right now, interspersed with pockets of calm wherever and however you can find them. It’s like the dodgem cars at the fair where for a few moments you go around smoothly until suddenly crash, bump, a car hits you from behind. Then it’s smooth for another few seconds until aargh, boof, someone side swipes you from the left, then another from the right. Sometimes you get stuck while everyone else zooms off, and the dodgem car attendant has to wheel you around so you can resume the course.

There’s a strange sense of camaraderie because even though everyone is getting jostled, and laughing in that kind of nervous, kind of terrified way, we give each other knowing looks as if to say: “Crazy ride huh!” Once upon a time hardly anyone was on the dodgems. Mainly everyone was going around and around on the ferris wheel. So as intense as it is, it’s kind of nice and comforting to know there are so many of us at this corner of the amusement park together.

If you’ve ever watched The Matrix, the ferris wheel represents the old ‘illusion’ world. It’s the world where life is just life. There’s no big conspiracy. Governments are doing their best. The news media reports the facts. We are free to live our lives the way we want to live them. It’s an illusion of freedom though, and many don’t realise until they bump up against one of the walls much like Truman at the end of the movie The Truman Show.

There has been a lot of bumping up against the walls lately for a whole lot of people.

Different events in life might make a person bump up against one of the walls, and decide to get off the ferris wheel to go find some answers. Some might have something happen in their personal life that makes them question what they’ve been told. Others read something or watch something that makes them think “Hang on a second, that doesn’t make sense?” Something happens where the veil is pulled back, and we don’t like what we see. We realise that maybe the government isn’t working in our best interests after all. Maybe the media are following a script, telling us what the mysterious ‘they’ want us to hear. Maybe…shock, horror….some of the conspiracies were right..? So you jump off the wheel, or get thrown off. Next thing you know, you’re on the dodgem cars, bare-knuckled, holding on for dear life.

More people than ever are realising that we are in an unhealthy, dysfunctional relationship with the systems of our old world. You might have known this for decades, while others may not be quite there yet, but we are all on this journey; a journey that has ramped up in speed and intensity of late. As much as this realisation - both the awareness connected to it, and the hyper-insane attempts to prevent it - brings up feelings of despair, depression, anger, shock, hopelessness, fear and frustration, it’s a necessary rite of passage as we make our way toward greater transparency, truth, unity and freedom.

Trigger warning: the following paragraphs include the topic of abusive relationships

We are at the stage where more people are realising we are in abusive relationships with our own governments. It is difficult to discuss the current energies without touching on this relevant truth. As always, the message leads to our positive destiny forward.

Being in a toxic, unhealthy relationship isn’t always obvious when you’re in it. Often one person leaves another, only to be met by friends and family saying: “We told you so”, or “We tried to tell you but you wouldn’t listen” or “We knew you weren’t ready to hear it.” We can’t see what we need to see, until we’re ready to see it. We can’t hear what we need to hear, until we’re ready to hear it.

Sometimes it has been obvious for a long time, but the fear of the consequences of leaving or not obeying is too great. Sometimes we can’t do what we need to do until our current situation becomes so unbearable, so painful and so unsustainable at last that it overrides our fear of leaving, our fear of change, our fear of the unknown, and our fear of letting go of our now uncomfortable comfort zone. Ready or not, the universe and our own soul sometimes has to push us into our next phase of life.

Can our current global predicament really be compared to an abusive relationship?

Imagine if your friend was in a relationship where her partner had control over her every movement. He tells her who she can visit, and who can visit her. She’s only allowed a certain number of friends over at any one time. She’s told how far she can travel outside their home, and gets random phone calls during the day checking in on her whereabouts. She has been coerced into actions involving her body, and has been told she can’t see her children unless she submits. Her husband justified this by saying to her: “Well you have a choice, you can always not submit, no-one is forcing you.”

Emotional manipulation and gaslighting occur daily, making her doubt her own sanity, and her own eyes and ears. A strict censorship is imposed over what she can and can’t say, with harsh consequences for asking questions, or sharing information deemed unacceptable by her husband. He locks her out of her social media accounts regularly, and threatens her by saying he won’t allow her to keep her job if she continues saying inappropriate things. Her bank account is frozen if she spends money on anything or anyone that her husband doesn’t like.

If our best friend or sister was in a relationship like this, we would recognise it for what it is: an abusive relationship based on coercive control. Many of us have been in a relationship like this for over 2 years now: with our governments, politicians, and various forms of media. (Longer actually, but just talking about the no longer hiding it phase). Those who rally together for Freedom are told to stop: “You are going to make it worse for everyone.” Hmmm…..this is what people say when they are in an abusive relationship as either the abuser or the abused.

As Covid restrictions ease, the framework for a bigger plan is revealed: that of the Digital Identity System. People have long brushed this off as not being concerning because “no-one has any privacy anymore anyway.” This is about far more than losing privacy.

This system is being sold to us as one that will make the world a cleaner, greener, smarter, more safe and efficient place. However, it is designed around artificial technology that ultimately has the potential to control our every move in a way that will make 2020-2021 look like a walk in the park.

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Yes, we are destined to have a cleaner, greener, smarter, more safe and efficient world, but we do not need the NWO’s Great Reset version of it. We have our own Soul design that has been perfectly created to build our new world in an organic way – with harmonious cooperation not coercive control. With true unity of the many not an enforced ‘one world government’ that centralises all power and control to the few.

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired. Tired of the few dictating to the many. Tired of agendas created decades ago, or millenia ago, that don’t have humanity’s best interests at heart. Tired of the constant lies and controls that don’t have any place in the world we came here to create. Very soon, now that the dodgem car arena is getting super-full, now that everyone is waking up left, right and centre to the ‘agenda’, very soon the dodgem car ride will stop. Everyone will think: “I’m done now.”

We will see that the great big controllers are actually little men and women hiding behind a big curtain. We will have pulled the curtain back enough to see: “Oh wow, we listened to them? We believed them?” And we will start living our lives, without them. We will walk into our new world, letting them go. And when we hear their voices shouting, still shouting, “You need us! You will never survive without us!” we will smile at each other and keep walking, into our new world, together, united, strong, with love in our souls and freedom in our hearts.

When someone eventually leaves an abusive relationship, it isn’t an instant shift to rainbows and joy. Quite the opposite – it is known as the most dangerous time because the abusive person has nothing left to lose. They will go to any extreme to regain control. So the tightening of the reins on humanity is to be expected at this time of great awakening. Don’t let this make you feel defeated. This is the time to gather your support crew around you, like-minds and like-hearts. It is the time to remind each other who we are, and why we are here.

Don’t underestimate the power you have by awakening to the truth.

Your awakening informs your thoughts, words and actions.

Your awakening connects you with like-minded, like-hearted souls.

Your awakening will guide you every step of the way.

(c) Dana Mrkich 2022


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