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Lunar Eclipse + A note about Astro movements

Today we have a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 5 deg of Sagittarius, opposite 5 deg of Gemini. Look for those degrees in your natal chart to see a) which house they fall in and b) whether you have any natal planets or significant points on or close to these degrees.

Let’s say the Lunar Eclipse is in your 7th house opposite your natal Venus. Look up what the 7th house is all about, look up what Venus is all about, search “lunar eclipse opposite natal Venus”, or “lunar eclipse in 7th house” and slowly a picture will start to form regarding how this Eclipse might affect you, or what it is helping you to let go of, or realise.

Lunar Eclipses can trigger a lot of emotion, whether connected to a current situation or past event. They are cleansing and clearing - clearing old baggage, releasing old habits or relationships that are no longer right for you, and showing you something that maybe you couldn’t see before. Things that were hidden or unknown can be revealed. This can initially be confronting and challenging but ultimately it’s better to know something rather than not know. From a place of knowing you can take appropriate action, find a solution, move forward or move on.

Lunar Eclipses can also bring on some intense dreams which can be healing or emotion-churning.

There was a Lunar Eclipse on this exact degree on this exact day 19 years ago - May 26, 2002 - so if you can recall that time, what was happening in your life? There may be a similar theme playing out now, but with a different angle. You are older and wiser, you’ve evolved, your perspective will have changed and your current experience will be whatever you most need it to be.

This Lunar Eclipse will be visible from NZ and most of Australia. It will be exact in Sydney, Australia at 9.11pm

How are you feeling?

Is anything going on for you that relates to May 2002?

Astrological movements don't create your reality. They do however help to explain why something is happening, so that you can get maximum benefit from challenging days or situations. Eventually we outgrow the need to be triggered (so strongly) or reminded (so regularly), of our inner truth, by external factors and forces. Our primary evolutionary 'inner nudge' tools change as we do. The more conscious you become and the more intentional you are about clearing your inner world, the less these big astro events affect you - or at least, the more manageable the waves become that do arrive. That said, we don't live in a bubble or on a deserted island. While astro events may no longer affect you in the same way as they once did, they may still be affecting your family, friends, colleagues and the world in general.

We stand on a bridge between the old and new reality, between the old, created 'matrix', and a more unplugged, organic way of living and being. If we can use astrology without being attached to it, and realise that our understanding of all things is due for an upgrade, then we can walk this bridge in a balanced, gentle way.

(c) Dana Mrkich 2021


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