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Jupiter and Saturn enter Aquarius

Jupiter and Saturn have entered Aquarius today, en route to their long-awaited Great Conjunction tomorrow on the Dec 21 Solstice.

Jupiter and Saturn conjunctions tend to usher in big societal shifts: changes around rules, laws, beliefs, financial/religious/government/corporate systems, social structures and the foundations on which we live as a society.

Aquarius is all about freedom, ingenuity, working together as a community, humanity as a whole and also about our own unique gifts, talents and energy.

Different people will have different ideas about the best way for us to have freedom, or the best way for us to work together.

While one way is all about controlling the herd to achieve the required compliance, and certainly all the futuristic sci-fi movies show us as a uniform, robotic society, the Aquarian energy will ultimately rebel from that sort of world. While the true authentic Aquarian Age is about working together as a community, and as a humanity, ideally it’s because we naturally want to, not because we are ordered to - and it’s about each of us doing that in our own unique ways.

This is a time for us to contribute our own unique piece of the puzzle to organically create the best possible reality - without judging or controlling other people’s pieces of the puzzle.

Jupiter calls on us to expand our way of thinking and being, while Saturn urges us to take responsibility for the life we want and step into our adulthood - or forever be controlled by overbearing authoritarian father figures/systems/structures. When the authoritarian father says: do abc or else you can’t do xyz, do you a) do abc, b) say fine, I won’t do xyz then or c) stand up for yourself and say actually no I don’t want to do abc, but I will still do xyz. These are the sorts of choices in front of us as Saturn moves through Aquarius for the next couple of years - and our choices might be different depending on each situation. Thus it’s so important to not judge or control other people’s choices during this time.

How are you feeling?

(c) Dana Mrkich 2020


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