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June Message: Shore up your mosquito net

Have you ever had trouble getting to sleep because of a single mosquito buzzing around? For something so small, it can be very loud and completely disrupt your peaceful night! How did it even get in? They find the smallest gap in your window, door or flyscreen, and in they come!

Your energy field is the same way. Your 'inner house' may be relatively secure, shining brightly after years of cleaning and clearing, when all of a sudden an issue raises its head. An issue that maybe you feel you dealt with years ago, or have looked at a hundred times. This issue suddenly seems SO loud and out of place, and can make you wonder if all those years of inner healing did anything at all?! Well, the reason it seems so loud and out of place is because it IS now out of place.

It no longer matches your usual, regular, daily vibration. So when something 'old' pokes you, whether from within you or due to an external trigger, it's going to feel uncomfortable because 99% of your energy has outgrown it. But, alas, we're not here to get 99% of the way there. It's like "I filled 99% of the hole in the bucket". A hole is a hole is a hole, and even if it's a tiny one, the water is going to drip out. The bucket will eventually get empty. The good news is, if you have dealt with 99% of an issue, that annoying 1% is very obvious when it decides to flare up and make itself known.

So if this eclipse window, or 2021 in general, has you wondering why certain old issues have flared up, whether in you or others, don't despair. It's flared up because we are smack bang IN the Shift that has been written about for so long, and we can't get where we need to get with holes in our bucket, even if they are little holes.

That doesn't mean you need to be perfect. Nope. What it does mean is: it's time to SEE everything. Without judgement. You don't necessarily need to change it, or fix it or heal it. You just need to see it. From there - it's your choice what to do with it.

It's like we all get a garden. Some are overgrown. Some are neat and landscaped. Others are full of wild, rambling bushes and flowers, or organised into lots of vegetable gardens and fruit trees. Your garden, your choice. But if you don't look at your garden, if you don't want to see certain parts of it, you neglect things. You risk other people camping out there or designing it without your knowledge.

When you have a weak spot in an unhealed wound - even a 1% unhealed wound - it is like having a little hole in your mosquito net. You are susceptible to triggers, influences, issues, decisions, actions and behaviours that on most levels you have outgrown, that on most levels do not truly resonate with you or align with you.

In a world that is currently filled with so many external voices telling everyone what they should or shouldn't be doing, it's an act of spiritual, emotional and mental mastery to be able to align with your inner voice, and choose for yourself "What do I want to be doing or not doing?"

If you still have a need to please, if you are still afraid that you'll hurt people by living your truth, if you on an inner child level are still looking for approval, acceptance, love, or evidence of worthiness from your mother or father (whose roles are now being played by other people in your life, from your partner to society in general to authorities of any kind), you are susceptible to letting in mosquitos that don't belong in your house.

2020-2023, with Saturn in Aquarius, is showing us: where do we still need to spiritually grow up? In what little nooks and crannies of our energy fields are we still holding little holes that 99% of our energy has outgrown. Saturn is calling us to wake up and step into our next level of maturity. On the shadow side, Saturn is the overbearing authority, to whom we hand over the reigns of our adult lives.

Currently we're in the Eclipse Window that started with the May 26 Lunar Eclipse, 5 deg Sag, and ends with the June 10 Solar Eclipse, 19-20 deg Gemini. Eclipses love to make us grow up quickly wherever we are overdue for growth, expansion, pruning or letting go. There's a feeling of accelerated energy in the air. Lots of big changes, aha moments and urges to transform something happen during these Eclipse windows because your Soul is saying "C'mon! Let's go! This way!!!"

Today, Venus entered Cancer where she will stay until almost the end of June. This is a really lovely soothing balm to whatever is going on. You may be getting tapped on the shoulder to take care of yourself in better ways, to resurrect your walks or healthy eating, to have more 'me' time or 'we' time, rest time, cosy baking at home time, increase your self-nurturing or practice more self-care. Regardless of the waves that rise and fall around us, at the end of the day we are responsible for our own little ship. This month Venus is really reminding you to take care of you as you navigate your way through this current passage of time.

From every possible angle, be it Saturn reminding you of your own inner authority, to Venus reminding you to take care of your self in nurturing ways, it is time - past time - to do YOU the best way you know how. Shore up your mosquito net. Shine a light on any weak spots in any unhealed wounds, and see what you need to see. Live each day the best way you know how. And don't be the mosquito that goes into other people's inner houses - there's a lot of that going on these days. We are all here to figure it out our own way, in our own time. We're all here to create our own garden, however we want to create our own garden.

How are you feeling?

(c) Dana Mrkich 2021


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