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July Message: Personal and Collective Sovereignty

Think about our Collective Humanity experiencing harmony, unity and together creating the best possible reality for ourselves (as a society, as communities, as countries etc). How do you picture individuals in that scenario? Do you feel that Personal Sovereignty helps to create that reality? Or do you feel that we need to set aside our Personal Sovereignty for the good of the Whole?

What is Personal Sovereignty?

At heart it's the concept of self-ownership.

The right to bodily autonomy and integrity.

The right to be the author of your life.

The recognition of your innate inner authority

and as such taking responsibility for yourself,

for your thoughts, beliefs, words and actions.

It is letting go of the old power cycles:

Letting go of needing someone else to be your authority.

Letting go of needing someone else to tell you what to do, what to think or what to believe,

Letting go of needing to control others.

Letting go of telling others what to do, what to think or what to believe.

People sometimes assume that personal sovereignty equates to selfishness, a disregard for others, and something that is detrimental to the health and wellbeing of our community. This assumption is, I feel, based on a mis-interpretation of what true personal sovereignty really is.

True personal sovereignty comes from a deep connection to yourself that has been nurtured over a long time. It isn't about the ego. It isn't about being rebellious. It is just about you being present with you. It is about you living with your self behind the driver wheel of your Soul car, instead of being in the passenger seat or the back seat, or in the driver seat of someone else's Soul car. This is the only place from which we can access our own personal GPS, a GPS that is designed specifically for us. This is the only place from which we can access our innate inner wisdom, inner guidance and inner truth. This is the only place from which we can tap into who we really are and access our full potential, so that we can be who we came here to be and do what we came here to do. This is the only place from which we can truly embody what we know.

True personal sovereignty can't be given to us by taking a course or reading a book. We can't #personalsovereignty it. True personal sovereignty usually is a result of having gone through the fires of various life/spiritual initations that made you grow up, walk your talk and step into your personal power. Personal sovereignty really is about owning your authentic inner power, autonomy and strength. Lots of you reading this, if not all of you, have already had this 'initiation' happen in your personal lives. It's the toxic relationship or bad break-up that left you curled up in a ball. It's the health crisis where you thought you might die. It's the death of a loved one that made you wonder how you could carry on. It's the court case that battered you. And it's the phoenix rising from the ashes period that gave birth to you anew: stronger for the experience, wiser, less naive, more savvy. In the ancient life/death/rebirth cycle there is always rebirth. Always.

Just as many of us have gone through this on a personal level, now it is time for humanity to go through it on a collective level. This means a) millions of people having personal initiations one by one and b) the collective as a whole going through the fires of transformation. Personal sovereignty, and collective sovereignty, isn't just handed to us. It's embodied from within. It's a feeling. It's a knowing. It's a lived experience. Just like it can't be handed to us, nor can we hand it to anyone else. That's why you can tell someone something a hundred times, but they won't hear it until they are ready to hear it. Likewise, I'm sure you've also had that experience where you've read or heard something for years and it just hasn't stuck or clicked. But then one day the penny drops and you realise "Ohhhh!!!!"

When we fully activate our unique piece of the giant jigsaw puzzle that is humanity, that is when we can contribute our best selves, fully and wholly. We do this moment by moment with our smallest daily decisions and movements. We do this over years and decades through everything we create and offer to the world from our friendships and families, to our work and service.

True personal sovereignty has a deep respect and regard for others. True personal sovereignty wants everyone to feel free and in author-ship of their lives. True personal sovereignty deeply values and loves the community, because you are a part of that community, not separate to it.

When you stand in your personal sovereignty in this way,

you are taking responsibility for your piece of the jigsaw.

When you step out of your personal sovereignty

it's like jumping out of a moving bus that you're supposed to be driving.

When you ask others to step out of their personal sovereignty,

you're asking them to jump out of the moving bus that they are responsible for driving.

What happens when we see personal sovereignty as a bad or selfish thing? We hand over the keys of our car to someone else. This someone else makes big decisions that we act on, and we trust that they are doing it for our own good, and for the good of our community. Or maybe we grab the keys of someone else's car, because we don't like how they drive.

You might be thinking "But none of us are all-knowing experts. We don't live on little individual islands. Sometimes we need others to advise us."

True sovereignty values our differences. It values the wisdom of others. It interacts with others through harmonious relationships, where everyone shares what they have to offer. If I am a genius flour-maker, and you have a flock of hens who produce great eggs, and our friend has cows who provide milk, it makes sense to get together for Sunday pancakes, right?! I'm not going to insist that I don't need any farmer other than my own self. I'm also not going to force my love of pancakes onto anyone. Maybe our other friend with cows prefers to bake cakes with their milk, and good for them! Having others around us who are experts in different fields is a good thing - personal sovereignty has no need to push against that. However, we all have a right to seek 2nd and 3rd opinions. We all have a right to ultimately go with the expert or the advice that feels the most right for us, given our personal circumstances.

Why is the theme of personal sovereignty so huge right now? Because as Souls going through the Shift, we are collectively moving forward into a new phase of our evolution. That phase can be called Stepping into our Spiritual Adulthood aka 'Tearing down the false illusion that convinced us we aren't already Spiritual Adults, and have always been.' In this new phase we get to embody who we really are, and live life here on Earth - or elsewhere - free of any lies, free of false illusions, free of being manipulated and controlled. There are 2 ways this can happen: 1) The false Matrix collapses and we jump up saying "We're free! or 2) We leave the Matrix energetically/mentally/emotionally/spiritually and declare ourselves free regardless of its insistence that it is still the 'real' reality. BOTH these pathways to freedom require us to claim our Personal Sovereignty. If we don't, we can literally be standing in front of the Wizard of Oz curtain pulled back, see the truth, and quickly close the curtain again because we aren't ready for what that truth then means.

As the Shift calls on us all to step into our Personal Sovereignty, everything not in alignment with that, both internal and external, is being highlighted and intensified: our fears, wounds and vulnerabilities. When we don't trust our inner authority, we cling to outer authority. We perceive Personal Sovereignty as a threat to the system under which we feel protected. We see individual free expression of thought, opinion and questioning as the enemy that will become our undoing. This is why we're seeing this increasing phenomenon of groupthink: needing everyone to do what we do, believe what we believe and think how we think. The consequences have led to a surge of cancel culture, shadow-banning and censorship, aided by armies of AI bots stirring the pot.

Not everyone responds to the life/death/rebirth/transformation/truth being revealed process in the same way, at the same time or at the same speed. Some people get the slightest scent of a hidden truth whether personal, social or global and boom, they are digging down the rabbit hole. Others don't want to know, and run as fast as they can from even the smallest suggestion that the surface reality may not be as it appears. Some like to sit back and watch with a wait-and-see policy, neither overly digging nor running, staying open-minded.

None of these approaches should be judged or shamed.

All of us have our innate way of responding to change, responding to the unknown, responding to the 'death' phase of our personal or collective lives. And all of us, at some point, have responded to things differently to how we usually would if we felt more vulnerable than usual, more afraid than usual, more triggered than usual.

As humans, our brain is wired to protect us from what it perceives as an external threat. So we avoid, ignore or deny any contradiction to what we perceive as truth, if it is too uncomfortable for us to digest or accept, or if it threatens our sense of safety and safe reality.

Due to our human biological need for safety, which we associate with survival, we can perceive opposing choices as threatening to our choices, and deep down, threatening to our lives, or way of living. This feeling of 'threat' is triggered when we are in our fight/flight/freeze stress response - which comes up when we experience uncertainty or are facing the unknown. Hello 2020, 2021 et al! If we are going to emerge from this current phase a) with some level of personal sanity and b) with some semblance of collective unity as opposed to a divided humanity, we need to find ways to calm and soothe our personal stress responses. Owning our personal sovereignty is one way to do that, because it helps you to stop seeing your fellow humans as a threat to you.

The 'death' phase of any life/death/rebirth cycle is never fun or pleasant. It'd be great to skip right on through to the Rebirth phase - flash of light and New Earth is here, yay! Errr, no. It's not going to happen that way. It's kind of like those stories of people winning millions of dollars, then years later when the local paper interviews them they've lost all their money. We can't bypass certain aspects of necessary growth. If you give someone with a scarcity consciousness or a gambling addiction a million dollars, that money will probably disappear quite quickly. Likewise, Collective Freedom, Peace, Harmony and Unity can't just be dropped in our laps in a big flash of light. A) it wouldn't last and B) there'd be people still acting like they're in chains and wanting everyone else locked up too, just like that story of the circus elephants who long ago outgrew their chains, and could snap them anytime, but they've been conditioned to stay from the time they were babies and so they stay.

Sometimes we have to be pushed into adulthood, pushed into our power, pushed into awakening, pushed into our personal sovereignty. That's why things have to get uglier, and more crazy, because: the greater the push, the greater the pushback. If we're cruising along, there is no trigger for a dramatic evolutionary jump - and a dramatic evolutionary jump is what we are destined to do.

As crazy as things are, we are right on track. The pushes will get pushier, but then so will the pushback. And with every push and pushback, more and more people step into their next level of personal sovereignty, power and awakening.

Try to be gentle with yourself, as you navigate the waves. Try to be gentle with others. The curtain has been pulled back quite a lot. The rug has been lifted so everyone can see what's underneath. Information galore is available. Everyone sees what they are ready to see, when they are ready to see it. And everyone does what they feel to do. They can't sit in your driver's seat, and nor can you sit in theirs. Firmly centre yourself in your own driver's seat, and set your GPS to "best possible self, best possible reality and best possible movement forward."

How are you all feeling?

(c) Dana Mrkich 2021


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