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Interview on Denby does Dharma

A massive congratulations to our friend and fierce freedom fighter Denby Sheather on the launch of her podcast “Denby does Dharma”

I’m honoured to be one of her first interviews, and so excited to see she has already shot up the charts and is already in the top 8 for Apple's spiritual podcasts

You can listen here:

Our interview covered a bunch of topics:

* What led to me creating She Fire, and connecting with the ancient “She”

* The disconnection from the Feminine that we’ve experienced within our social and spiritual systems

* Using discernment when connecting with non-physical reality and why I divorced some former guides

* Labour, birth, the trying to conceive again journey and awakening 2.0

* What to look for when working with your astrology, and how it can help give you a “heads up”

* The US’s Pluto Return, current dates that correspond to the 1770’s/American Revolution/Declaration of Independence, covered up to 2028

Get a cup of tea and enjoy listening!

(c) Dana Mrkich 2020


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