Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter

Happy Solstice everyone, and Happy Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter at 0 degrees of Aquarius!

Saturn and Jupiter get together every 20 years however we usually can’t see them. The last time they were together this close to the Earth was 800 years ago around the time that the Magna Carta was signed. This was a positive turning point for individual rights, human rights and establishing new levels of freedom for people from over-zealous governments and the ruling class.

Here we are with these two planets in Aquarius which is about...yep, individual rights and human rights. Aquarius is about freedom, individual expression, and Humanity/Community working together.

So yet again in the coming years we can expect a rebirth and renaissance for humanity. The so called ruling class never hand this over willingly. They do it because there is a shift in humanity, and people just no longer put up with what they once did. Just like children go through various developmental stages so too does the collective, with each stage ushering in new levels of independence, freedom, empowerment and self-awareness.

The Dawn of these new Ages is always preceded by quite dark times as the old ways try to cling on for dear life. There is that saying “it’s always darkest before dawn.” The European Renaissance came off the back of the dark Middle Ages. Humanity is designed to grow and expand. Restrictions actually end up catapulting us to new heights, because we push back so hard.

Take time today to grab hold of the golden rope that links our world to the New Earth, to our destined Rebirth.

Meditate and tune inward, and ask to receive a message about these times.

Draw, journal, listen to music, dance, go out in nature.

Give thanks for all you have, and all you are.

Set your intentions and visions for your future and for our future as a world.

(c) Dana Mrkich 2020


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