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Equinox and A Balanced Life

Image: Mexican Folk Art of the Sun and Moon

Happy Autumn/Spring Equinox!

Equinoxes mark the turn of the seasonal wheel and 24 hours of balance, as the world together experiences 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of night.

From this weekend the Northern Hemisphere moves into longer days culminating on the June 21 Summer Solstice, while the Southern Hemisphere starts its slow retreat into shorter days, culminating on the June 21 Winter Solstice

This weekend is a good time to take a few moments with yourself, and whether through meditation, journaling or quiet contemplation ask within:

What do I need more of right now?

What do I need less of?

What would make me/my life feel more balanced?

Write down all your life areas and rate how truly fulfilled you feel in each area: Health, Home, Love, Family, Friendships, Work, Finances, Fun, Study, Self-care, Spirituality/Inner Peace etc.

Where the rating is lower than you’d like, write down an action step or two that would help you feel more fulfilled in that area. Start small and simple.

The March 20/21 Equinox also starts the new astrological year, so this is an opportunity to start fresh (as is every day really, but everyone likes the feeling of an official new cycle!)

I’ll do a video soon talking about the above exercise in more detail.

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