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August Monthly Visions: Solar Flares and Flashes

I actually wrote the August Monthly Visions a couple of weeks ago but it felt unfinished. I opened up the document several times since then but nope, nothing new came through - yet it still felt there was more that needed to be added. It wasn’t until this evening when I checked the Space Weather Solar Flares page, as it felt like for sure we’ve had some big ones over the last couple of days, that I saw what clearly this report has been waiting for: There have been nine M Class Solar Flares this week from Monday 15 Aug – Friday 19 Aug! NINE!!!*

Solar Flares

15 Aug: M2.7

16 Aug: M5.1

16 Aug: M1.8

17 Aug: M2.0

17 Aug: M1.1

18 Aug: M1.4

18 Aug: M1.6

18 Aug: M1.3

19 Aug: M1.4

Source: Space Weather Live

*From a previous Monthly Visions: Flares are ranked A, B, C, M and X with X being the most powerful. Each letter has a scale from 1-9, (eg M1 flare, X2 flare) and each letter is 10 times more powerful than the previous letter. M and X class flares are more common in Solar Maximum cycles, which we are gearing up to now with the expected peak around 2024-2026.

Solar Flares are amplifiers and activators, not only affecting our physical/mental/emotional/spiritual states, but Solar Maximum cycles have also been connected with periods of social change. They also affect electronics and radio signals so we often hear about a lot of internet banking or social media outages on the day or so after a strong flare, or the electrics in your car and home might go a bit haywire.

Solar Flares amplify, highlight, intensify and activate what is already within you. They can trigger strong emotions if those emotions need to be expressed or released. They can increase your awareness around needs that aren’t being met, or boundaries that are being crossed. If you have felt more anger, irritability or frustration over the past week, ask yourself what is it that you have had enough of? What is it that you need more of, or less of? Solar Flares can shine a light on new awareness, giving you flashes of insight or creative ideas. They can feel like a rush of energy, adrenalin and motivation. They can make you want to sleep and hide from the world. They show you what is within you.

Imagine that you are a fabulous being of light encased in an egg shell. With every bit of inner work you do to clear away false beliefs and old wounds you chip away at this egg shell, allowing more and more of your true self, and full light, to be seen. You are able to stretch yourself and expand into more of who you really are. Solar Flares come along and make cracks on our egg shells so that more divine Light can come in. The more cracks, the more our Soul Light is touched by this divine Light. The more cracks, the more our Soul Light can shine brightly outward, and be expressed to its fullest potential.

If you have already made lots of cracks in your eggshell over the years, things like Solar Flare activations aren’t as shocking as they would be for someone who has made relatively no cracks. As you can imagine, these cracks can trigger huge emotional reactions and identity crises for those who see things they haven’t wanted to see or feel things they haven’t wanted to feel. After a huge ‘crack’, we may no longer relate to the person we used to be, to people we have known, to things we used to do or to the life we used to live.

Awakening is on one hand a becoming of who you really are, but it is just as much a letting go of who you are not. It is a growing and heightened conscious awareness of the many aspects of your self and all life: the true, the false, the good, the bad, the light, the shadow. It is about outgrowing the illusion, breaking through the eggshell ‘matrix’ that has kept you encased, and opening to a brand new, yet ancient, greater reality.

A Solar Flash Event

Decades ago when I first heard about the Solar Flash, or The Event that many people talk about I had one main question: it didn’t make sense that one big flash of light would suddenly wake everyone up. What would the point then be of being on a conscious spiritual journey? What point would there be of doing any inner work? Why not just sit back, relax and wait for the big flash of light?! One day however I looked at it from a completely new perspective: from the Solar Flare perspective. If the Solar Flash is a ginormous Solar Flare, then it would make sense that this Solar Flare would not necessarily suddenly wake everyone up, but instead do what smaller M Class and X Class Solar Flares already do: amplify, highlight, intensify and activate that which is already inside us, only x 1000.

This would explain the sense of urgency that many people have had for years if not decades to clear their inner stuff, to heal old wounds, release old beliefs, let go of what is ready to be let go of. If we have already managed to make significant progress in our eggshell cracking process, then we potentially can receive the maximum Light that such a Flash would offer, with (hopefully?!) minimal emotional trauma and spiritual shock.

The potential Flash isn’t the only factor driving this sense of urgency and accelerated global awakening we’re experiencing. We are living through prophesised times where the global ‘eggshell’ is cracking wide open as it does every time we move through the climactic point of our 26,000-year world cycles. Yet it is the Flash aspect that was waiting and wanting to be shared in these August Monthly Visions.

In almost 25 years of talking and writing about these times, including writing about Solar Flares, this is the first time that I’ve written about ‘The Solar Flash’. I can only write/talk about whatever comes through clearly and strongly, and for whatever reason info about the Solar Flash hasn’t come with that strong inner knowing that other things do. I know lots of people have shared info on it, and it’s all interesting. However I’ve always held the position that I can’t/won’t write about something unless or until info about it comes to me in the strong way I need it to. Well, here we are, I’m writing about it now. Why now? Is it finally coming in this current Solar Maximum cycle? I don’t know. I just know that it is wanting to be written about now.

It isn’t unheard of for the Sun to have a Flash event. The Carrington Event occurred in 1859 with a whopping X45 graded Solar Flare: