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April Message: Are you enjoying the ride?

Pic from 2008: California Screamin' ride, at California Adventure Park, LA

During this time of global upheaval it can be tricky to find the right balance between focusing on our inner world and personal lives, while also being aware of global influences and our collective journey toward freedom, truth and the much anticipated great awakening. Too much focus on the latter, and we risk being constantly distracted by the latest unfolding narrative or swallowed up by daily rabbit holes of endless revelations. Too little focus and we can start to feel guilty that we’re not doing enough – enough staying informed, enough calling out the corruption or enough helping.

Be the change you wish to see, so the saying goes. What does this mean though? The answer to this is different for every person, and it can be different for every person depending on the day. There is no one right way to participate in these unprecedented times, and thinking there is will lead to regular confusion, frustration, overwhelm or burnout.

Less important than what you are doing, is how you feel about what you are doing. If you feel powerless ‘doing nothing’, then figure out what ‘doing something’ looks like to you – and go do that. Let go of other people’s versions of ‘doing something’. Now is a good time to check in with your current highest and deepest truth. What is your version of ‘doing something’?

If ‘doing something’ is starting to feel exhausting or like you’re a mouse on a wheel getting nowhere then take a moment to step back and review what you’re doing. Maybe something that felt fulfilling or empowering a year ago or ten years ago no longer feels that way. Maybe something ‘out there’ has changed. Maybe something within you has changed. It’s okay to drop a bunch of tools or beliefs or habits if they no longer feel right for you.

As part of this collective shift that we’re all on, we too as individuals are in a constant state of shift. Even though you may have slid out of your old self years ago, and finally feel comfortable with who you are - with your work, your purpose, your friends, your family - the outer world doesn’t remain static. I was watching a mountain bike race on a show the other day, located in Switzerland. It was so amazing to see the different terrain the riders experienced in such a short time, and how quickly it changed from one scenic vista to the next. One minute they were speeding down a narrow, windy, steep grassy mountain. The next they were whizzing down cobble-stoned streets past village shops and waving onlookers. The riders had to adapt to each unique moment, tapping into different skills as they navigated their way through the race.

This is what this moment in our history feels like. Unprecedented and unpredictable, who knows what tomorrow, next week, next month or next year will bring? This time is less about knowing what the final outcome of this part sci-fi, part comedy, part thriller movie will be, and more about: how are you going to move through this time?

As difficult as the last couple of years have been, there has been a silver lining there for us in that we have been forced to live in the moment more than we ever have before. Our usual schedules, routines and plans went out the window. We weren’t able to look ahead to whatever it is we usually do of an evening or weekend. We weren’t able to plan trips or gatherings. We were stuck in a kind of global groundhog day. Yet the gift there was that we got to reflect on how we used our time. What did you get to do, that you usually never had time for? What did you miss doing that you never fully appreciated before? What did you love not having to do? We had realisations about what was truly important – and what wasn’t. We got clear on our priorities and made lifestyle and relationship changes that may not have happened otherwise.

There is another saying: you can’t always get what you want, but you will always get what you need. Never in a million years would we have consciously chosen the last couple of years, yet it resulted in an acceleration of humanity’s awakening process that nothing before this time was able to do in quite the same way. This isn’t to say that we have to have ongoing challenges in order to continue this acceleration – ideally we are heading towards a much anticipated tipping point. Yet challenges don’t have to be roadblocks or detours. They can be portals that take us from one state of being to another, via the quickest route possible – and that route may be rocky.

Your purpose might be to help steer our collective ship away from the most rocky parts of the sea, into calmer, safer waters. Your purpose might be to help navigate the ship if and when it does head straight into the storm. Your purpose might be to be below deck, making sure everyone is fed and looked after. What your purpose likely is not, is to be staring ahead day in and day out, asking ‘Are we there yet? When are we going to get there? How long is this going to take?’

It's human nature to want to know these things. Yet, as another saying goes ‘it’s not the destination, it’s the journey.’ The great irony of any journey is, the closer you get to the end, the more you start to ask yourself: “Did I enjoy the ride?” Whether it’s a business goal, a road trip, an education qualification, the time you have while single, the time you have pre-becoming a parent, or this ride we’re on here on Earth, as you get to within a breath of getting to your desired destination there is a wave of realisation that comes regarding the gift that the journey was. We can’t be sure how much longer this journey will be. We can’t be sure how many more storms await. We can choose though how we want to move through it. We can choose how we want to be. We can choose how we want to think and act and feel. We can choose to see the beauty that is all around us. We can choose to create more beauty.

Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in Pisces

The primary astrological event of April is the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction, close to 24 degrees Pisces. It was exact on 12 April, but it’s influence touches the whole month – and injects a new flavour into the months and years ahead. Pisces is the sign of the dreamer, the idealist, the visionary, and the spiritual non-physical realms of infinite possibilities. Jupiter is its ancient ruler, and represents abundance, expansion and good luck. Neptune is its modern ruler, and represents our dreams, intuition and at times illusions. This watery conjunction is kind of like a little kid squeezing their eyes tightly shut and saying “I wish, I wish, I wish …..” and proceeding to wish for the most outlandish thing they can think of: “I wish I had a puppy right now! I wish a unicorn appeared in our backyard! I wish I could be in my grandmother’s kitchen. I wish everything was made of candy.” Then they slowly open their eyes, praying that their wish has come true. On some level they really believe there is a chance, no matter how small.

As we get older we realise that if we want certain things to happen we need to actually take some action. That said, sometimes magic and miracles intervene. We manifest something we really weren’t sure we could. Things we needed and wanted appear unexpectedly, and it can be a mystery as to the how of it all. The Astro influence this month invites us to tap into our imaginary world once again, to believe in impossible outcomes and solutions, to vision the reality we want to see, and ask our intuition to guide us toward it.

Action will certainly be required but again, the action required will be different depending on the day, depending on the person. Your daily meditation is no less significant an action than some huge project that someone else is taking on. Never underestimate the power of even one person who is internally calm, clear, awake and aware.

While the outer storm continues, this month ask yourself: how do I want to move through this time, not knowing how long this particular time will last? Who do I want to be during this time? What lights me up, so that I can continue to be a light for others? What nurtures me so that I can continue to nurture others? Do I rest and re-charge regularly?

Upcoming Eclipses

At the end of the month (April 30/May 1 depending on time zone), we have a Solar Eclipse at 10 degrees Taurus. We then have a Lunar Eclipse on May 15, at 25 degrees Scorpio. We’ll cover the eclipses more in the May message, but for now: we know that eclipses are acceleration portals. This can be quite intense when you consider that every day right now is an acceleration portal! So, use April to clean, clear and prepare your launch pad, to ensure the foundation on which you are based is as you wish it to be.

What daily routine have you set in place, to help you keep your centre regardless of what is going on? What is your self-care non-negotiable? What do you want to read/watch/listen to that is inspiring and enjoyable, and what is it time to turn off?

How are you feeling?

(c) Dana Mrkich 2022


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