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2022 Energy Report

Happy New Year! The 2022 Energy Report is 17 pages so get yourself your beverage of choice and settle in! You might also like to have your journal handy or notepad for the journalling prompts.


This year has a very different feel to the last two. From March 2020-March 2023 we are in an intense 3 year window of major social transformation, mass awakening and a dramatic choice point/turning point for humanity. Each year has triggered and activated more and more people to wake up: personally and collectively, socially and globally, on every possible inner and outer level. Each year’s awakening wave has been bigger than the last, with 2022 set to bring on the biggest of all.

Before we get into the three waves, a quick recap on what March 2020-March 2023 is all about:

Saturn in Aquarius

Saturn in Aquarius is manifesting in a couple of different ways. Saturn is the Father, and can come across as controlling, dominating and restrictive. On a healthier note it also represents growing up, taking personal responsibility, and stepping into greater spiritual adulthood. Aquarius represents humanity, community collaborations and freedom. It also represents technology, computers and things like AI – Artificial Intelligence.

If we look at March 2020-March 2023 as a choice point between two very different future timelines, we can see the preview that Saturn in Aquarius is giving us: on the one hand we have extreme government control, with our every move tracked, traced and restricted. Today it’s QR code check ins and v mandates, but in the dystopian Shadow Edition of Saturn in Aquarius there is so much further we can go. Maybe it’s your bank card getting disconnected because you didn’t pay a fine, or you bought too much food above your weekly climate quota, or you had one more child than allowed. It all sounds so crazy yet yesterday’s conspiracy theories are all today’s news headlines.

A Swedish tech start up has invented a microchip that can be implanted under your skin to store information like your v passport and bank account payment details. The organic human then starts morphing into something else, something that is now connected to a greater, artificial machine. If your phone or computer can be hacked, why not a human with a chip? If a phone or computer can have information downloaded into it, why not a human? It’s all possible, and it’s all there on Timeline New World Order, aka Saturn in Aquarius, the Shadow Edition. If trans-humanism is what someone genuinely chooses, and would love to experience, then good for them. That is their choice. However, what if ones ‘choice’ is actually not ‘choice’ at all, but a result of coercion, blackmail, threat of loss of livelihood, inability to feed ones family or permanent separation from family? People have ridiculed those fighting against mandates saying ‘they have a choice, no-one is forcing them’, but there is some serious gaslighting going on here with this word ‘choice’. Before we go further down this timeline we might want to assess how we feel about the preview so far.

This isn’t about spreading fear. This dystopian reality is not destined for humanity or Earth. However it is important to realise that even though it is not destined, it most definitely was planned, and now we’ve had to live through the preview of this plan just so that we can see what was planned. If we didn’t see it, many still wouldn’t have been awake to what’s really been going on for so many years/decades/centuries/millennia, and we have to fully awaken as part of our transition to the next cycle.

We are all receiving a test: where is your line in the sand when it comes to personal freedom and the greater freedom of humanity vs totalitarian control? At what point do you say, enough? Everyone is having their own personal line in the sand moment, and these moments are ultimately part of our initiation into our next phase of spiritual adulthood and true freedom, personally and collectively.