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Questions lead to Answers

✨ In times of crisis and confusion, asking questions is one of the ways we try to find clarity.

Since March we’ve seen millions of people questioning things like never before... and in response we’ve also seen a serious social media and mainstream media crackdown on any questions that go against the preferred narrative, and on any topics that deviate from the preferred topics.

This has been going on for decades, but it has escalated in its intensity and blatancy in recent months.

🤔 Who sets these preferred narratives? 🤔 Who decides on these preferred topics? 🤔 Who is setting agendas for humanity without being open and transparent about it? 🤔 Why are they doing it?

❓ All of these questions above are the big questions that lead to other questions. And other questions always lead right back to these big questions.

🙏🏽 These questions are what millions of people are seeking the answers to in 2020 as doctors post videos that are immediately removed, as survivors of child trafficking and ritual abuse speak out about the enormity of a global elite ring and are ridiculed or ignored.

🔥 Enough is enough! 🔥

🌍 As the saying goes:

You can fool some of the people all of the time And all of the people some of the time But you can’t fool all of the people all of the time ✊🏽

🌈 We are living in times where personally and collectively we are experiencing a great awakening, great revelations and a great reckoning. We are all having to face ALL of who we are. Our light is intensifying, shining brightly into all those spaces and places we haven’t known about, wanted to face or been ready to accept. From our hidden potential to our darkest wounds, it’s all being highlighted so that it can be transformed, healed or released.

🌈 The truth is crashing down onto humanity like a tidal wave.

How many effective cures and treatments have been scoffed at and suppressed? How many abuses have been hidden and allowed to continue? Who are we, really?

This year, the more we question, the greater the pushback. The greater the pushback, the more are triggered awake and are compelled to question. And on it will go as we head rapidly toward the tipping point.

🌈🌍✨❤️ This is the shift of the ages, and we are in the transitional tunnel collectively seeking answers to our questions. Our questions are the way forward and will lead us to our inner knowing, inner light, inner truth and collective truth.

Out the other side will be a very different world.

To use the Hopi saying: “We are the ones we have been waiting for” 🌈🌍✨❤️

(c) Dana Mrkich 2020


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(c) Dana Mrkich 2020

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