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The Shaking of the Reality Tree

The truth of our reality is being revealed constantly now and it’s relentless. It’s happening all day, every day, on every topic and in every life area. It’s happening on personal, inner and private life levels, and on global, collective and societal levels. This can feel overwhelming. It can feel liberating. It can be confronting. It can be confusing. It can trigger shock and trauma. It can create a feeling of heaviness in the air, and a feeling that great change is upon us.

It can be exhausting because no sooner have you discovered one new layer of reality that you weren’t aware of, you’re finding another, then another. Sometimes new layers cancel out the truth of other layers. Other times new layers make previous layers make more sense. Life right now is like an archaeological dig on steroids – find ways to stay hydrated, nourished and sane!

Emotionally at times it can feel like you are drowning or suffocating with the enormity of all that is coming out (whether it’s related to your own life, the life of your loved ones, or more collective situations). Sometimes we aren’t even aware why we’re feeling like this. Most people these days are far more sensitive than they realise, and are picking up on the shaking of the reality tree without knowing that’s what is happening.

If you resonate with this, it’s important to find ways to breathe it out and stay connected to your inner centre (that’s where the calm is).

Do things to reconnect you to YOU:

go for a walk, spend time in nature, journal, garden, bake,

do something creative or fun, spend time with your family and loved ones,

talk about whatever you need to talk about with people you feel safe with.

The closer Saturn gets to Pluto (meeting exact on Jan 12, 2020), the more intense this shaking of the reality tree might feel. It’s not a bad thing, but it can be a challenging thing. If you feel like crying, cry. If you feel frustrated, go for a run or nature walk, clear your head and allow positive solutions and inspiration to come to you.

What happens after we give a fruit tree a good shake? We collect the fruit into our baskets, and we go off to make our apple pie or plum jam. This is Saturn and Pluto – they can really rattle us, but it’s all for the purpose of us realising what’s what: What’s reality, what’s not? What do we have to work with? What do we still need to work on? What can we do with what we have? What do you want? What do you need to do to have what you say you want to have?

There is resistance to truth coming out, some of it conscious, some subconscious. Some of the resistance might be within you, some of it is within others. Cognitive dissonance, denial and projection can be the mind’s way of dealing with information that it doesn’t want to be true, or isn’t ready to accept as true. It can be the body’s way of processing energy that it doesn’t know how to otherwise process.

This resistance creates a washing machine type effect of swirling turmoil and chaos. There is fighting and division as people argue “This is the truth” vs No, THIS is the truth”. This fighting and division can happen within us also as different aspects of ourselves battle it out “Change! You can do it! Break free!” vs “No, I can’t do it! I’ll never survive!”

Let go of the tug-o-war rope by loosening the polarity mindset. On a personal level: you might be shouting at the universe “Where is my soulmate??!!!” Meanwhile, there is a part of you inside quietly saying “Please allow this time with yourself….there is a gift here.” You may be frustrated that certain financial or career doors aren’t opening for you. Meanwhile the lull is what activates a new creative idea that you wouldn’t have had otherwise, that leads to eventual success. Delays or detours aren’t always due to a “block” in your energy. They can be flashing signs saying “Not this way….go that way! That way is better! You’ll love that way!”

On a collective level: when you think that “your side’ is right, and the “other side” is wrong, it can be very hard to see things from another perspective. Zoom out and seek the truth in each unique situation. When we are bound to “one side” we can blind ourselves to any good on the other side, or any bad on our side.

And then we have the role of the media – mainstream, alternative and social – all of which are playing huge roles in our reality-creation, and trying-to-make-sense-of-reality process. Pay attention to when you need to unplug from all of it for a few hours or days or weeks!

If mainstream media had a Relationships Status right now it would be #itscomplicated.

On Monday all Australian newspapers blacked out blocks of text on their front pages, as part of the launch of their Right to Know (what our government is doing) campaign, and are demanding greater protection for whistleblowers. This interestingly enough happened on the same day that Julian Assange’s hearing happened in the UK. Ironically, the mainstream media haven’t exactly been supporting him even though he could be the poster boy for their campaign!! On the one hand some feel this is hypocritical, on the other hand it could be a very clear example of why the campaign is needed – have they not supported him because they have been muzzled from doing so?

Meanwhile Project Veritas has been uploading videos secretly taken by CNN whistleblowers, showing that their journalists are told what to report and what angle to take specifically regarding President Trump.

Google whistleblower Zach Vorhies continues outing their operations documents which show blacklisted sites and search terms, pushing things like natural health and wellness sites out of easy view.

We are being shown VERY CLEARLY that the news we get (even in spaces that we think we have control of like our social media or search engines) is being tightly controlled. This is usually done under the guise of "protecting the public", when for the most part it's more about shepherding the public to think a certain way, act a certain way, don't look here, look there, and conform to agendas set by those way up at the top of our society's pyramid structure.

This is not a conspiracy theory. It’s real, it’s happening, and it goes way back to the post WWII social behavioural engineering black ops projects like Operation Paperclip, MK Ultra and Operation Mockingbird.

What does this have to do with our spiritual awakening process? Everything. We are here to be free, free to live our full potential as individuals, as families, as communities and as a collective humanity. We haven't been able to do this under the control structure that's been over us, and we haven't been able to dismantle the control structure because 99% of people haven't known about it! How can we awaken from something we don't even know exists?!

Truth has been labelled as conspiracies. The pattern has been that people ridicule anyone who questions official stories and narratives. However, there's been a disruption in that pattern over the last few years and it's gaining momentum.

Hidden power-players have been pulling the strings on our global reality show for a long time.

Reality 1:

We have the surface illusion world

that has been presented to us as reality.

Reality 2 and 3 are called “conspiracies”

Reality 2:

We have a hidden world

where all manner of dark deals are done and secrets are kept.

Humanity has had to be increasingly manipulated

in ever more elaborate ways to keep us uninformed,

behaviourally controlled

and unaware of Reality 2.

Reality 3:

We have the true nature of our greater reality,

our true potential and our real history

...all of which we're slowly having to piece together.

Regardless of which reality you prefer to live in or acknowledge, all timelines are collapsing into each other now. The reality tree is being well and truly shaken and stirred, with everything coming out revealing ALL realities.

These 3 realities have been existing simultaneously within our one world, each separate to the others, yet intertwined in ways we haven’t known about. What’s happening now is, the walls between all these realities are coming down which is triggering “awakening” in some and mentally “unhinged” type responses in others.

To paint a picture: When a person has disassociative identity disorder they have compartmentalised fragments of their memory and personality. Personality X doesn’t know about Personality Y. In the case of trauma-based mind control these personalities are intentionally created, so that they can be controlled. The different personalities aren’t ever supposed to meet or know about each other, and if they do it can result in a complete breakdown of the person’s core identity. In a way, we have collectively been experiencing disassociative identity disorder, existing within multiple realities. Now imagine that the walls between these realities are coming down, so now the realities are merging and spilling into each other. The breakdown we are currently witnessing (global protests, revelations re powerful people and trafficking/child abuse, extreme division etc) is part of the breakdown of our old collective core identity.

With time, healing and mutual support a new collective identity and reality will emerge, one that is based on truth. No longer splintered or fragmented, humanity will emerge, bruised but not broken, ready to ask ourselves: how might our world look without the control and secrets we’ve been existing under? It’s exciting to think about but in the meantime…….the breakdown is in process, and we have to go through it.

And even if you have had your own personal “breakdown” or “awakening”, you still need to be there to help others through theirs, and witness everything as it unfolds.

(c) Dana Mrkich 2019

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